Ah, But a Man's Reach

Should Exceed His Grasp

You run a business and you’re good at what you do.
Our business is social media, design and public relations
and we are (if we may say so) good at what we do.

Our goal is to get your business online whether you have
already tried or haven’t even stepped up to the plate.
We take pride in what we do – which is your business.

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency that Truly Cares

We may be a Jack-of-all-trades, but there are a few key things you should focus on when you want to make your online presence superhuman — quality content, social media engagement, and your search engine results. We’ve taken our custom services and grouped them into affordable packages designed to give your business supernatural results for a down to earth price.

Branding & Strategy

little jack marketing digital paid advertising

Creative Services

little jack marketing digital paid advertising

Public Relations

little jack marketing digital paid advertising


little jack marketing digital paid advertising

Little Jack has All the Services You Need for Your Business

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Some of Our Client Experience

Hales Property Management

The overall result is a definite increase in request for proposals!

HFI Consulting

Little Jack has consistently made our clients happy through exclusive designs, creative mindsets, but most importantly quick and reliable communication.

Who is Little Jack?

Little Jack came about how most great ideas come about: at a bar, scribbled on a napkin. He stands for the collective of all the unanswered desires of business owners; he also stands for the little guy (your business) being pushed around by the big marketing companies, who like to do things their way instead of your way.

From there, we assembled the team with only one rule in mind: ambitious young professionals who aren’t afraid to break all the rules. People often ask us when our “Aha” moment occurred, when our business became what it is today. To that, we answer that “Aha” moments are what drives us — if we’re not having an “Aha” moment before breakfast, we get more coffee.

After some soul-searching, we’ve found the kind of company we want to be — small, ultra-responsive to the customer, and at the forefront of marketing strategy.