Forget the Phone Call, Tweet Me the Good News!

By: Jake

Remember when you used to get 7:30 am phone calls on Saturday mornings only to hang up in anger at the obnoxiously pleasant inquiry of a salesman? We do. And we hated it. Even though those days may seem long behind us, cold-calling is still an insistent force in today’s business market. But rest easy. It is a marketing effort that is quickly dwindling.

With the recent advent of social media gaining widespread usage in the business sector, a new method of advertising is beginning to overshadow the outdated strategies of yore. That’s just fancy talk for saying social media is a much more effective method for initiating the customer-company relationship. We’ll use ourselves as an example. Since we’ve gathered enough inbound content on our webpage, customers looking for experts in social marketing find us at the top of the list. For them they’ve already bypassed the headache and clutter of investigating other businesses for this service, and for us it means we’re above the competition and ready to start helping our customers. Scott Stratten explains the logistics of the whole buying hierarchy here. The relationship between the customer and the business depends on the customer’s trust in the product and whether he or she is ready to make the purchase. Taking the purchasing step happens when a customer is comfortable enough to spend their dough on the right pizza, if you smell what we’re cookin’.

The main point of social media pages is to help businesses decrease the amount of time they spend doing grunt work like cold-calling and searching for clients. Any blogger, facebooker, or tweeter following a company or small business will already have a more informed sense of the products and services available from the relationship of trust they’ve established with the company, and are that much closer to making the purchase from that company. Cut your landlines and set up that wireless, ‘cuz this is a new era, baby! Check out this article on social media replacing cold-calling. Looks like our generation of cyber-business is abandoning all our parents’ dial-up transactions.

But don’t worry, the old ways of living aren’t completely history. Tell mom and dad to relax, computers will not take over the world. The internet is supposed to make things easier for us. In an age where there is never enough time for everything (and our ever-expanding desire to have everything) an efficient and convenient method of forming relationships and making business transactions saves everyone valuable time and energy. Check out this article about a small recycling business,, that used Twitter to expedite the process of hooking up people looking to discard recyclables and people looking to pick them up. In short, ecycler’s job was to set up the meetings between the two parties, but phone calls and the traditional approach was frankly just too slow and ineffective. Once they switched to Twitter, their tweeters could quickly find where and when others were either throwing away stuff or picking stuff up. Since their start in 2009, they’ve grown exponentially and quicker than it takes to type the word ‘recycling’ into a search box! (you know what we mean)

We know it sounds like the internet is a huge saving grace, but in all honesty…it is! Thank you, Technology! In our increasingly globalizing and expanding market, small businesses need to make headway with sufficient communication, informative advertising, and appropriate resources; all in reasonable time and while still generating substantial revenue. We’re proud to say that social media is just what the future ordered. That’s how we got started and that’s how we’ll keep going. So tweet the good word, mate!

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