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Are You Uber-responsive to Your Customers? Five Ways to Convey That Through Your Website

When designing or redesigning your site, subtle differences in layout, color scheme, and content can make a big impact on how your audience perceives your business. One of the company traits customers value most these days is responsiveness—the ability to get ahold of someone quickly at any stage of the customer journey, from deciding what […]

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Getting Found: Your Local Search Best Practice Checklist

You always hear that the Internet made physical location irrelevant, right? But maybe your business has a brick and mortar location that you’re trying to get customers to visit. Or you’re in an industry where buying “local,” even if online, is something that’s important to your customers. In these cases, some targeted SEO strategies can […]

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Five Strategies for Making Your Blog More Binge-worthy

It’s always absolutely fascinating to watch new technology create a new cultural norm. For instance, the term “binging” had always had negative connotations until a little website called Netflix started enabling people to watch entire seasons of a show all at once. Hence, “binge watching” entered the American lexicon and changed the way we consume […]

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