We’ve listened and now we will let you in on our productivity secrets. Going into the 4th of July weekend some of you may be wondering how to stay productive or just worried about being productive (hopefully the weather is nice where you are at versus our golf ball sized hail in the Chicagoland area…). We’ll admit it now, we are slight geeks when it comes to trying new software and applications to do “stuff”. Whether that be for taking notes, sharing notes, tracking tasks, managing projects, or social media tools we’ve tried more than we should teetering on optimal productivity. But we love it!
Here are a few of the applications we have currently adopted:
Nozbe (Task and project management) – With frequent updates and seemless integration with mobile devices, Evernote, Google Calendar and Dropbox we’ve grown to implement Nozbe throughout our business. Nozbe has done a great job by creating a simple and clean interface allowing you to quickly pull up tasks by project, calendar view, next projects (due by date), and contexts (or tags). And our favorite part – the fully functional service starts at FREE! The only downside for our agency is as our needs grow and we enjoy Nozbe thoroughly we would like to see more advanced project management features such as GANTT charts.
Capsule CRM (CRM) – When we were looking for an upgrade of our CRM system, which consisted of an inefficient note taking and tagging strategy, we dreaded adopting a CRM. We stumbled upon Capsule CRM as a result of other applications we were using based on Capsule’s integration. We’ve found Capsule CRM to be simple to setup, flexible and loaded with features that are great for small to mid-size businesses.
HootSuite (Social media management tool) – We have grown fond of HootSuite for a few reasons. 1) It is one of the first applications we started using and it serves it’s purpose very well; Clean interface and easy management of multiple social media channels. And 2) the new publication calendar which allows for easy visualization of what scheduled posts are going out when and for which accounts they are going out for.
Dropbox (online file backup and sharing) – If you have not picked up on our theme for how we select our productivity tools and applications we will just tell you – Our decision is based on simplicity of the application. With the options of accessing your Dropbox in a web browser or through the desktop application (which we love) “backing-up” and sharing files has never been easier for us. We have utilized the Dropbox iPad application many times to pull up documents such as a proposal, make an edit or even create a new page (via QuickOffice) and then save the new document back to our Dropbox while on the go.
Evernote (global note taking) – Evernote has opened our eyes to a whole world of remote and synchronized note taking. Outside of our agency I utilize Evernote on an iPhone, an iPad, a laptop and a desktop to track record and develop everything from client notes, journals, ideas, and even my grocery list. The local application regardless of device is very quick and easy to create or modify notes and is loaded with features to keep your notes organized such as notebooks, tags, and even geo-tagging.
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