Hi Everyone, and welcome to Little Jack Marketing’s January newsletter!
After properly recovering from the holiday festivities, we’re super-excited to take on 2016. We’ve actually been seeing much talk about the “power of content and inbound marketing” all around the blogosphere as of late, which makes us hopeful for the state of the online marketing industry in 2016 (yours truly has been preaching the power of content marketing since 2012).
But first, a quick recap of 2015. We’re proud to say we managed to keep up our streak, doubling the size of our business in 2015 as we had also done in 2014 and 2013 (believe us, that gets harder as you get bigger).
In many ways, last year made us reevaluate the services we offer, and the kind of marketing company we want to be. We knew that we never wanted to lose who we are—we offer “big, ultra-responsive marketing”—so when we got a chance to work with some bigger clients than we were used to, we had to devise a method that let us take on these major accounts but still keep our responsiveness and our focus on providing value.
In early-2015, we began our partnership with The Federal Savings Bank, a relationship which has now grown into us providing the social media presences of over 40 individual bankers nationwide. This project allowed us to test our systems and really think hard about how to offer the most possible value to a group of clients at the same time, while still giving dedicated attention to the unique needs of individual members within that group.
Then, later in the year, a marketing company called Andrew Lehman Design, which represented over 140 small- and mid-size businesses in the Chicagoland area, contacted us about taking over the management of all those accounts. We’ve never been ones to step back from a challenge, so we agreed and instantly increased our client roster tenfold.
But we’re also not ones to dwell on our successes, so let’s talk about the year ahead. As you probably know by now, we’re dubbing 2016 The Year of Reimagining Your Content. If you’re already creating marketing content on a regular basis but haven’t been thrilled with your level of success, then this is the year to pay attention. We will be discussing how to create better content, get that content in front of more eyeballs, and boost the growth of your audience base. And, because marketing content isn’t an end in itself, we will also be covering strategies to turn that great content into actual sales. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.
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