Building an Online Presence FAST: The Enchanting Lawyer Interview

By: Jake

If you’ve been following Fist Pump Friday for a while, you know that at Little Jack, we believe brand is everything. No brand can make up for a shoddy product or service, but all other things being equal, two identically competent businesses can see astronomical differences in revenue.


Law is a great example of an industry that was slow to adopt online advertising and social media. Let’s face it — many lawyers are competent, but few are enchanting.


That’s something that Jacob Sapochnick noticed, and he started to remedy the situation. His site has been around for less than a year, but has received a great amount of attention from lawyers across the United States looking to raise their online game, start to engage with their client base, and increase the quantity of business they are receiving.


We got with Jacob to ask him how the idea for the website came about, why it’s had so much success, and what the future holds.


Little Jack: Where did you get the idea for


Jacob: Facebook entered my law firm’s premises back in 2009, and gradually built a strong following and active engagement for us, which generated paying clients. In addition to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest helped us build a solid community as well.


Social media gave us a reason to think outside the box, “abandon” the traditional forms of advertising. It was then that other attorneys started noticing our success and traction, and were curious to find out how we did it on social media. At that time, even nowadays, resources on answering attorneys’ social marketing related questions are very limited; therefore, I decided to launch to bring different content out there to help lawyers and business owners succeed online.


LJ: Did you do any market research before kicking off the site?


JS: Yes. I interviewed many lawyers, spoke to the leaders in our legal industry, and also did extensive research online specifically in the new media marketing field. The vast majority of sites are focused exclusively on SEO and blogging. Nobody understands the value of social media and how it can connect with traditional SEO process.


As an attorney, a bunch of questions have risen during my research: What is the value of a popular Facebook page? How do you measure fans conversion and optimization? What is the ROI from Twitter for a service provider like us? What’s the importance of brand building by using social media at all?


Besides lacking a proper understanding of the power of social media, a lot of attorneys still can’t quite put their fingers on where to start, how to start, or the gist of social media.


LJ: The site has had unprecedented success in the short time it’s been up. What do you attribute that to?


JS: I appreciate the fact that a lot of my fellow attorneys, whom I have connected through social media, have been spreading the word and sharing my posts with their followers. Again, that’s the advantage of social networking. Other than the support I got from the legal community, I reached out to a few key bloggers, with professional emphasis on legal marketing, to also help me exposure our new establishment on Twitter and Facebook.


Just about last week, we launched a podcast series, introducing some big names, like James Altucher, Mitch Jackson, Tommy Walker, etc.. Not only did they talk about their expertise in social media or the legal world, they also touched on their successes and failures to provide our listeners with inspiration. I was honored to be invited to guest speak on a few webinars regarding Facebook marketing, which also furthered our reach.


LJ: What’s your social media strategy? What are the channels that generate the most attention for Enchanting Lawyer?


JS: My strategy at this time is to understand what my audience needs. I believe that’s everyone’s everlasting strategy. Based on the surveys and questions we receive, we create and tailor our organic content to cater to those needs. My core message to myself and other attorneys has always been to build trust and become a source of innovative content that people want to share.


As for tools, we strive to establish ourselves as a credible authority in the area of utilizing Facebook tools to market socially and generate good content from there. Setting up a content calendar with specific content is a key to success. Read more about How Facebook Apps Help Your Business Grow.


LJ: How do you plan to develop your web presence over the next year? Any new ideas?


JS: We plan on making our podcast series a weekly show, presenting informative and inspiring guests from the whole spectrum of marketing, leadership, and culture. We will launch a video show in the future on YouTube and use Google Hangouts on-air more.


Moreover, I plan on putting together workshops offline, across the country to ignite a buzz as we host meetings in all 50 states, like a road show. Creating good content is a must and we will be putting a lot of research into innovative ideas for new content for our readers. Attending conferences as a speaker or a panelist is also on my agenda – not only do I cherish opportunities like this to present my services, I also enjoy sharing what I know with other newcomers in our industry. We also plan on releasing a few eBooks this year, either as an incentive to newsletter subscribers or a downloadable item.


LJ: Where do you see Enchanting Lawyer going in the future?


JS: We want to be one of the leading social media marketing blogs for lawyers, entrepreneurs and business owners. I would like Enchanting Lawyer to set a precedent to show everyone that being a lawyer does not mean limiting yourself to only conventional marketing channels – you can be fun, creative, and advertise your services in the forms of writing, performing, and helping.


The plan is to develop a community online that will eventually lead to an annual conference/summit where we can all meet in person and share ideas as a leading group. The Enchanting Lawyer Summit will take place in San Diego in the future and will be the leading event for legal social media participants.

***There you have it. One man and a computer against the world’s perception of an entire industry. We hope it will serve as inspiration to all our readers.