Closing the Door on the Year of Reimagining Your Content

By: Jake

It seems like it was just last month that we introduced the Year of Reimagining Your Content, so it’s hard to believe that the new year is so near. But then again, that’s how things go when you’re busy, and in 2016 we’ve had our busiest year to date! Here are just some of the things we covered in the Big Marketing Insider this year to help you improve your content marketing strategy.

One of the first things we discussed is that to re-envision your content you first have to take a step back, turn off the autopilot, and figure out how your posts are actually performing. We also gave you some tips on reevaluating your marketing strategy to figure out if it’s actually accomplishing what you want it to.

One important tool at your disposal is the wealth of information offered by your web analytics, which is why we discussed the importance of examining your analytics before your start writing. Our recommended way of doing that is to group your posts into content categories and then analyze which content categories are performing best and why. We also covered how to set goals for your website in Google Analytics and gave you a step-by-step guide on how to perform a content audit.

In addition to this, we urged you to do some critical thinking about how the content you create fits within your industry, particularly how to redefine and analyze your target audience, reevaluate your company’s value proposition by listening to this audience, and spot these three signs that your website needs a redesign.

Once you’ve done this important background work, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. We taught you how to create a content calendar to make sure you’re regularly utilizing your most successful content categories, and also some other basics such as formatting your blog posts for maximum readability.

We also covered how to reevaluate your email campaigns, including how to design an effective email campaign in 10 steps, how to perform email A/B tests, and the five things you can do to boost your email marketing return-on-investment.

Last but not least, we talked about why when writing a blog, it’s important to play the long game and think about the long-term traffic you’re building to your site (See: Our 250th Post, or, Why When You Start a Blog You Should Never, Ever Give Up).

We hope our posts this year have helped you see your content in a new light and have given you a few new tools to improve your content marketing strategy.

Want to know our theme for 2017? Stay tuned to the Big Marketing Insider for the next couple of weeks to find out more!

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