Crazy-Marketing December

By: Jake

Hey everyone, and welcome to Little Jack’s December newsletter! The holidays are quickly approaching (if you couldn’t tell from the insane ebb of holiday marketing dominating every possible channel of communication) and we cant believe it’s been another year already.


Though holidays in the modern world can often take a turn for the materialistic, we at Little Jack believe that the truly valuable things, the things that really stand the test of time, are the relationships we build.


We’d like to thank all of our current clients for trusting their valued brand in our competent hands, and all of our partners and vendors for enabling us to do our job well. We also want to tell all the new clients that are set to join us in the New Year that we are looking forward to working with you and making a difference for your business!



Client Profile:


This month, we want to put the spotlight on a long-time client of ours – Blue Planet Aquarium. We started out by doing a complete rebuild of the client’s website with an emphasis on large graphics to show off the beautiful pictures of their custom aquarium builds.


But that was only the beginning. Because Blue Planet also trusted their brand to us, we created a series of posts that simultaneously educated readers about embarking on their first aquarium project and set Blue Planet Aquarium up as a go-to expert in their field.  Our content culminated in the creation of the Aquarium Designer’s Guide, which brought plenty of web traffic to their site. Since then, we’ve landed two of their posts on Angie’s List, giving them exposure to a wider than ever audience.


We are also very excited to be partnering with Blue Planet on a super-secret project that combines a name to be reckoned with in the aquarium world with a powerhouse in the digital marketing field, all to provide aquarium enthusiasts with a totally new kind of experience!


Industry Trend


Last December, we predicted that 2013 would be the year of productivity. We had this hunch because the economy was finally looking up, but not enough so that businesses could let themselves go: they were going to have to do more with less.


We came back to this topic again and again to help you get the most from your resources, but the two things to remember going forward are still:


1. Use the right tools for the job.


Small businesses tend to be at a disadvantage to mid-sized businesses when it comes to work efficiency and workflow. The good news is that cloud-based business tools have never been more affordable and more readily accessible than now. They have also become so intuitive that a monkey could handle your accounting. Don’t be afraid to give some of these tools a try to stay competitive in the marketplace.


2. It’s always up to you to look for ROI.


The field of high-tech business to business services continued to grow in 2013, and it feels like more than ever, small businesses are getting bombarded with offers for various services. We definitely believe in staying on the cutting edge of technology, but keep in mind that the field is still a bit like the Wild West. It will be up to you to hold the service provider accountable, request progress reports in plain English, and demand to see ROI for your investment.


So happy holidays, thanks for sticking with us (whether you’re a client or just a reader), and here’s to a better-than-ever 2014!


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