Little Jack’s December Newsletter

By: Jake

Hi everyone, and welcome to Little Jack’s December newsletter!

As we get ready to close out the year, we’ve been working very hard on the book we told you about last month. Covering everything from branding and content creation to SEO and social media, our book will distill the bits of wisdom we try to impart in our weekly Big Marketing Insider blog into one cohesive online marketing guide.

Our goal for the project is to be able to provide small and mid-sized businesses with everything they need to know to take charge of their online presence in 2015. Follow our blog and Facebook for updates, you can receive one of the first copies when they become available!

Client Spotlight: Shusterman Law

Shusterman Law called us because they needed a streamlined mobile version of their existing, complex website. We were tasked with designing and developing an efficient mobile platform, including helping to identify the most important information to include on the mobile site. Our goal in doing this was to enhance the decision making process of mobile visitors and to ultimately generate more leads.

Many businesses overlook the importance of their mobile website, figuring that the customer can just look at their standard website layout but on a smaller screen. If fact, a well thought out mobile website could be completely different than the standard version of the site. Think about it: a small screen requires a simpler, more intuitive layout. The fact that mobile phones are usually used “on the go” adds to this need for simplicity and actionability in mobile web design.

Could somebody navigate your website on a mobile phone, within 30 seconds, while walking down a busy city street? If not, you might want to make some tweaks.

Industry Trend: Customer Reviews and Reputation Management

As a business, do you regularly do a web search for your company’s name to see what kind of information is out there? The number of websites that feature customer reviews is on the rise, which increases the likelihood that one of your customer will write about you online.

Consider these numbers:

What does this mean for you? It means that if you don’t already, you should begin to monitor the most popular review sites to keep on top of your online reputation. Searching Google for your company’s name and looking over the first two pages of results is a great way to catch reviews on more obscure sites or blogs.

Good reviews can be used as testimonials, and even reposted on your own site as such. Negative reviews will give you insights into how to improve your customer service. In addition, responding to negative reviews (always amicably, never harshly) will show other customers that you care enough about customer service to address and learn from negative feedback.

That’s it from us this month. Happy holidays, and see you in January!