Landing pages are used for a variety of reasons online ranging from one off marketing campaigns to promoting a specific product or service. Last month we had the pleasure of working with a company in a unique situation that required a landing page.
The Situation
Coapt, a company who develops software and programing technology for prosthetic arms (cool right?), found themselves in between re-branding and a new site. While not quite ready to fully shift their messaging, as a company who often promotes at trade shows they still needed a presence online.
Our Solution
Because Coapt was already planning to redesign and build a whole new site, they didn’t want to spend excessive time and resources on a temporary solution. To create something quick and simple, we helped them plan and build a simple one page site to do what they needed.
We worked one-on-one with the Coapt team to determine what their current short term goals were and how we can build a simple site to service them. Their goals included:

  • “Tease” for their upcoming new solution
  • Communicate their relevance in the industry
  • Nurture current clients & collect case studies
  • Make it easy for someone to learn more, even if their new site isn’t up yet

We served these goals by including:

  • A clear call to action with a contact form to learn more
  • Links to press, informational video and their locations map.
  • To do this we utilized their old site pages, but remove navigation to provide just what they needed to.
  • Case study collection form for current clients

In addition to the site itself we helped them define new branding elements which will be used for their future full site creation.

The Results

The Coapt team can now take their time planning for the future, without sending potential clients to an outdated website. With the essentials and a teaser for what’s to come all wrapped in a slick design they still have a way to collect leads and impress their audience.
Visit the Coapt Website >

Here’s What You Can Learn From Coapt

  • Focus on an engaging first message and a clear call to action
  • If you’re in between site builds, you can always bridge the two in the process
  • When planning a very basic site, focus in on your most important goal

Interested in learning more about how we work with clients to build websites? Shoot us a message and we’ll give you the rundown!
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