Ahh, Valentine’s Day. The time for overpriced flowers, mountains of chocolate, and reassessing your online marketing strategy. What better way to hide away from winter than cuddling up with that loved one and whole bunch campaign result spreadsheets. Without further ado, welcome to our February newsletter!
This month, we’re glad to welcome 2 new clients (we’ll be able to divulge details in next month’s newsletter), the completion of a fully responsive website for Chicago law firm Saulter + Tarver LLP, and a microsite focused on increasing manager productivity for College Pro painters. With our client Contemporary Energy Solutions, we’re working on an exciting new guide that will help manufacturers identify the six ways they could be losing money and remedy them.
Our team also completed some intense coursework on Google Analytics, which we will be using going forward for improved campaign result tracking.

Client Spotlight

Leah Chavie has taken downtown Chicago by storm with her luxury spa brand. She initially contacted us for a redesign of her website, and we got famously from the very start. We also added e-commerce functionality to her website to help her sell her products online and expand her reach during the high revenue holiday season.
She dug the new look we created, so Little Jack became her main resource for the design of printed advertising materials.
We’d love to take all the credit for Leah Chavie’s success, but the truth is that her brand is built on her unstoppable willingness to relentlessly make business connections and promote her salon. She’s a perfect example of the fact that when you’re an entrepreneur, personal marketing is just as important as marketing your business.

Industry Trend

QR codes (those square, pixelated looking things) have been around for a while now, and you might have heard the term thrown around but not yet had a chance to use it in your marketing strategy.
With that in mind, here are the 5 things you should know about QR codes and marketing:

  • They store information in a graphical way. The QR code is an easy visual way to convey complex information. No reading required.

  • They can help you utilize mobile marketing. QR codes are made for smartphones, which are the fastest growing marketing segment in 2014.

  • They’re the perfect transition from analog to digital. Have paper advertising material but need to ultimately get your customers online? The QR code makes for a seamless transition: you point your phone at the paper, the website opens in your phone’s browser.

  • You don’t need to know anything about computers to create a QR code. All you need to know is the link you need it to point to. There are many great free QR creation websites online, a few of the best are listed here.

That’s it for this month. And while you’re plotting how to take over the world with your small business, don’t forget to occasionally go outside and enjoy Chicago’s first week of non-nightmarish weather this year!
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