Before you have a chance to ingest a large amount of alcohol over Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, we wanted to slip in our March newsletter under your noses while you’re still able to retain information. So hooray for the end of the polar vortex, and let’s get on with some company news!

Client Spotlight

Last month, we were excited to team up with a new client, Contemporary Energy Solutions. The client had a Brand Positioning Story made, which we used to create a shorter, 10 page guide that the company will use to reach out to one of their key customer demographics, manufacturers.
This guide, called “Six Ways Your Money Could Be Going Down the Drain”, will have many practical applications for clients in the manufacturing demographic. It will be given to website visitors in exchange for a contact email, which, combined with the insightful and persuasive information featured in the guide, will hopefully turn into a solid lead for the company.
The guide is also being turned into a slide presentation that can be used during client meetings with manufacturers. Last but not least, it will be used to create a series of blog posts which will delve deeper into the issues and statistics raised by the guide, providing valuable content for the client’s website and improving their SEO.

The Importance of a Brand Positioning Story

Which brings us to … the importance of having a Brand Positioning Story for your company. This is a new service Little Jack is promoting, and it has already surprised us with the amount of practical applications it has for clients.
The jist of it is this: we do a large amount of industry research to create a comprehensive document that outlines your company’s position in the marketplace at a variety of levels. We begin by analyzing large industry trends, hone in on the problems that your key customer demographics are facing, and set up the case for why your company is the one to solve them. We dig up statistics to support our findings, and use case studies to help the potential customers visualize how your company can specifically help them.
Another way to think about the Brand Positioning Story is as a very long and thorough sales funnel. It’s probably too long to be used on its own (it can run over 100 pages), but that’s not its intended purpose. Instead, it allows us to do a lot of research at one time, which we can then use in practically every other piece of content we create for that client.
Whether you’re a new or existing client, the creation of a Brand Positioning Story might be something you might want to consider for refocusing your marketing strategy and improving sales.
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