Saying Goodbye to the Year of Digital Media and Your Company Story

By: Jake

It’s hard to believe that in a couple of weeks, the Year of Digital Media and Your Company Story will be over. Since we first announced the theme in late 2014, we’ve covered many different aspects of how companies can translate their brand to the digital environment. As a celebratory recap, here are some of the important things we covered this year:

To stand out in the vastness that is the Internet, your company needs a story. There are 5 questions you should ask yourself before sitting down to write your company story and 5 more strategies for doing it successfully.

A big part of your company story will be positioning yourself in the marketplace, so your customers know what differentiates you from the competition. A good company story isn’t static—it follows a story arc and talks about your brand’s journey through adversity. You know, because our human brains are wired to think in terms of stories.

Once they commit their story to paper, some ambitious companies turn that story into a longer document, which we at Little Jack Marketing have dubbed the Brand Positioning Document. The BPS first helps to define brand tone, visual presentation, and brand character, and then uses examples and scripts to show you exactly how to channel these into your online content creation practices. The result? A stronger and more effective online brand. With this level of thoroughness, the BPS can be a great resource for generating quality content throughout the year. In fact, so much so that we’ve been known to refer to the Brand Positioning Document as the missing step between brand and content.

Follow-through and consistency are some of the biggest challenges faced by modern businesses, which is why this year we advised clients to make a content publication schedule to help them stick to their content generation goals. Consistency, in turn, builds customer trust.

This year as in previous years, quality content creation was at the center of the marketing method we advocate, so we covered a number of ways to design a winning content marketing strategy. We also touched on some important aspects of content creation such as writing better blog titles to get more clicks, improving your calls-to-action in order to get readers to stick around, and understanding the art of the squeeze page. Oh, and how to not clickbait your audience.

This was also the year Google finally began to put emphasis on mobile search rankings (hilariously dubbed Mobilegeddon by Internet alarmists), so we covered some mobile SEO best practices to follow and also some tips on writing better content for the mobile reader.

Finally, if you feel like you need some help in tackling these endeavors, we came up with some tips on finding a marketing agency that will be a good fit for your business.

Of course, while our Year of Digital Media and Your Company Story is coming to a close, the challenge of telling your company’s story in a digital environment will never be over. We hope you’ll hang onto some of the strategies we’ve written about to increase your chances of success going forward.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, what will next year’s theme be? We can’t tell you just yet (it will be revealed later in December), but we promise it will be just as relevant to your marketing success as this year has been!

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