Hi Everyone,
Thanks for sticking with us as we wrap up another productive month. This month, we went over some scary marketing statistics that every small business owner involved in online marketing should know.
We also took a hard inward look this month, in an effort to streamline our workflow and services to ultimately provide clients with more value. After some intense brainstorming and optimization, we’ve got a newly evolved plan that should begin to deliver positive, measurable results to clients almost immediately. This includes new time allocations dedicated to each client (and revised rates), and an increased emphasis on analytics with the measurement of online client milestones.
We will follow up with each of our clients individually to discuss our specific goals & plans for your company for the next 3 months, and to address any questions you might have about our new strategy.

Client Profile

Hales Property Management website
This month, we’d like to place the client spotlight on Hales Property Management, Inc. We first started working with Hales last December, when we rebuilt their website. The company was happy enough with our work to let us manage their online presence on social media and create content for their website.
Keith Hales, the company’s owner, says “The overall result is a definite increase in requests for proposals.” We should say so. According to our metrics, from the first month we collected data to the end of October, there was a 650% increase in requests for proposals.
But we’re not ready to throw the towel in just yet. In the upcoming months, we’ll be striving to get Hales Property Management’s search rankings higher on the first page of Google, and to get them recognition for the industry experts that they are, making them a more active voice in the Chicago real estate community.

Industry Trends

Social media icons on iPhone screen
Many companies, even those that are social media-aware, treat Google+ like Facebook’s younger, uglier, and decidedly less popular little sister. They aren’t completely wrong, because as a social media project, the site has not met the expectations of its founders.
However, few realize that despite its lack of popularity, Google+ can have a serious impact on search rankings, especially the local search rankings small businesses so desperately strive for. The website Searchmetrics did some number crunching and discovered that Google +1’s the single most highly correlated factor to search rankings. This has been confirmed by another source too.
So, if you’re creating good content, get plenty of web traffic, and have a solid social media presence but still can’t get as high on the Google search rankings as you’d like to be, it might be time to start paying attention to Google+. We advise you start with a campaign to get some more +1’s, and a few reviews on your company’s Google+ page. (Oh, and if you haven’t bothered to create a Google+ page, GET ONE!)
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