Hi Everyone, and welcome to Little Jack’s September newsletter!
Where did summer go?! We can’t believe that it’s almost fall already. Two days after the season change, on September 23rd, we’re hosting our Old vs New Chicago benefit event for Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital at The Metropolitan Club. We expect it to outdo all of our previous events, which, if you’ve been to any of them, you know means something rad.
Did you know that Little Jack offers consulting services? If your business isn’t ready for an ongoing commitment with a marketing agency but needs help in a specific area, we’ll be happy to work with you to resolve the issue on a short term basis. We’re confident that once we get going and you start seeing results, you’ll realize the benefits of an ongoing online marketing strategy. But don’t take our word, just ask Chris Guillen Photography.

Featured Client: Chris Guillen Photography

We first met Chris Guillen at a neighborhood small business marketing seminar we gave in the Spring. He approached us after, and asked us about some specific SEO improvements he wanted to implement on his website. We were happy to offer some assistance on that project. From then on, we started providing weekly coaching on development and social media marketing strategy.
Since we’ve started the business has seen its impressions increase consistently week-to-week, along with a drastic increase in engagement such as likes, shares and comments. With this success and our encouragement, Chris Guillen Photography has also started a blog to connect with its audience and improve local search rankings.

Industry Trend: The Image is King

While we’re discussing photography, we wanted to highlight the importance of quality images and videos throughout your content marketing materials. While text content can be great for SEO purposes, humans are visual creatures and the effectiveness of breaking up text with visuals has been proven over and over again. Here are a few statistics to consider:

If you need even more reasons to show, not tell, check out this great list of 9 infographics that are themselves about the power of visual marketing (intense, we know).
Have a good September, everyone, and we hope to see you at theOld vs New Chicago event on 23rd!
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