Thanks, everyone, for making our Whiskey and Wine for Puppies event a stellar success! Together, we tried some great whiskeys, met some super-interesting people, and raised nearly $500 for PAWS Chicago.
At the Suite Lounge in Old Town, we got to experience what a real speakeasy must have felt like hiding from the cops when the power suddenly turned off because of the inclement weather that day. Thankfully, our spirits remained unflagged for the treacherous 5 minutes it took until the power came back on, an event we met with a healthy round of applause.
We were proud to team up with Wirtz Beverage, who graciously let us taste many whiskeys, including Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and Woodford Reserve (the special Double Oak version too!). Meanwhile, Fetzer stepped up to the challenge with a wide selection of their organically and sustainably grown wines.
We were happy to see many of our clients valued there, including:

  • Leah Chavie
  • Hales Property Management
  • Allstate
  • Blue Planet Aquariums
  • HFI Consulting

With the success rate of our last 2 events, we have no intention of stopping. Keep your ears open and eyes peeled for news about the next one.

Client Profile

Our client Gelato Greco is in the final month of their Gold Coin Giveaway — a fundraiser for Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. Greco first opened its doors in the Wicker Park neighborhood this spring, offering artisanal, organic gelato in a variety of classic and not-so-classic (honey-fig gelato!) flavors.
Like our Whiskey and Wine for Puppies event, this campaign faces the potential participant with a question of almost baffling repercussions: “Should I eat delicious artisanal gelato and help sick children, or should I not eat delectable, organic gelato and scorn the poor, sick children?” It’s no surprise the event has been a success, and with 50% of all net proceeds going to the hospital, Greco has no worries which version of Santa’s list it will come up on this Christmas. The event started in July, and has also gotten Gelato Greco some very positive attention in the online ecosystem.
But, of course, at Little Jack we always want to outdo ourselves. In addition to this contribution, we worked with the client to develop a way to raise even more money for the kids. Enter our Favorite Flavor App! Clients voted on their favorite Greco flavor, and 100% of the net proceeds from that flavor will be donated to the hospital.

Industry Trend

The holidays come up and go by fast, but you can’t let them slip by you, because for many businesses they can be a crucial time. It just so happens that they are the perfect time to plan some kind of special, holiday promotion. To start preparing now, here are some tips:

  1. Create a calendar of all the upcoming holidays
  2. Identify which ones you want to have a campaign or promotion for
  3. Identify the scope of each of your campaigns
  4. Begin planning and executing your campaign up to 4 weeks before each holiday
  5. Have a post holiday strategy to get the most out of your efforts.

Of course, we will be more than happy to help you with your holiday strategy. Contact us now so we can get an early start!
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