Oh boy. In college, there are midterms. At work, there’s the employee evaluation. And while people don’t usually look forward to these things, there’s a clear benefit to the evaluative process and in figuring out what you’re doing well and what can be improved upon. For online content creators, there’s the reader survey.
In the Big Marketing Insider, we try hard to deliver superlative marketing content to your inbox week after week. But we’d love to hear from you, the reader, about what types of content you enjoy most.
So, if you read the Big Marketing Insider on a regular basis, please take a few seconds (less than 30 sec) to tell us how you feel about it. We’d appreciate it very much!
Oh, and one lucky submitter will get a FREE Facebook Advertising campaign designed and managed by us along with a $100 budget towards advertising ($250 Value)*. There’s that too…

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* One winner will be drawn at random. Must provide email address to enter. Winner will be chosen June 30th and will be notified by email. The Facebook Advertising campaign will be for a 30 day period and is limited to 6 advertisement designs including design variations.

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