This has been a busy year at Little Jack and we have a lot to be thankful for. We are closing out 2014 with a 10.5% increase in business (up 243% from when we started in 2011)! This year we had the pleasure of working with 43 clients ranging from small to large businesses all over the country. We ran 15 monthly marketing campaigns ranging from 3 to 12 months and we designed and developed over 20 new websites.
We couldn’t have done it without all of our clients, readers, partners, and supporters. We hope we’ve also contributed to your success over the past year, and look forward to another year of working together.

Our thanks goes out to (in no particular order):

The Better Business Bureau of Chicago & Northern Illinois; Chris Guillen Photography; Hales Property Management; Leah Chavie Skincare Center & Boutique; Blue Planet Aquarium Service; Christopher Smith (of Adjust Creative); Steve Yoo; John Hino; Isela Herrera, Chaz Oreshkov, Katie Trudell, Season Marsh, Allison Bivin, Genevieve Valliere-Kelley, Jessica Gorse, and Monique Duazo; Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago; the Metropolitan Club; John Cousert Photography; Jacob Sapochnick (of Enchanting Lawyer); and Casey Clark and Dan Gramann (of HFI Consulting). And to the many many many more people that have helped us further develop this year. We know we could not have done it without you!


In addition to our standard services of web development, design (print and digital), blog writing, SEO, and social media, this year we are further developing three valuable services for small businesses:

1) Small Business Consulting

Not all small businesses want or can afford a marketing agency. For those that want to go their own way, we plan to offer a Basic Brand Positioning and Strategy consulting service. We can meet with businesses on a regular or as-needed basis, to provide all the training and tools necessary to take your in-house marketing to the next level.
The service will include:

  • An online action plan including templates for implementing a content calendar and a publication schedule
  • Coaching on the basics of relationship building and lead generation
  • Other training and resources depending on your unique needs
  • Implementation of marketing tools and technology, and coaching on best practices

2) Brand Positioning and Strategy

A consistent and uniform brand across Advertising, Design, PR, and Social Media channels, is crucial for increasing brand awareness, differentiating you from your competition, and driving traffic to your business.
The service will include:

  • A Brand Positioning Document
  • A Brand Positioning and Strategy Document
  • A 411 Quick Reference Brand Guide for internal business use
  • As needed:
    • Websites
    • Content Creation
    • Online Advertising
    • Design

3) Community Connected

Since last summer, we’ve been involved in developing Community Connected, a new program that helps empower local businesses. The basic premise? We’ve collected a lot of knowledge in our quest to become experts in our marketing field. We want to give some of that knowledge back to the local small businesses community.
So far, the program encompasses webinars, workshops, and our involvement with the BBB to offer support to their accredited businesses. There’s more to come in 2015!


In 2015, we plan to continue perfecting our workflow. We’re continuing to focus on communication with our clients, to make sure we’re hitting every milestone and delivering value through the different phases of the marketing process. In addition, we’re working on new standardized reports for web performance to include in our monthly client goal review.
That’s our 2015 game plan: keep doing what we’re doing, but better and more of it, and always with a focus on delivering maximum value to the client. See you next year!
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