Hi Everyone, and welcome to Little Jack’s April newsletter!
We are now three days into Mobilegeddon, and hope your website is faring alright. If you still haven’t heard about this phenomenon, it involves Google’s latest search algorithm, which will favor websites that are mobile-friendly websites over those that aren’t (some say as many of 40% of websites might be affected by the change).
We actually wrote a helpful post two weeks ago to help you figure out Is Your Website Ready for Mobilegeddon? We hope it will shed light on some of the basics. While these Google algorithm changes tend to be overhyped by the media, there is reliable evidence that the latest change might be the most significant of the past 3-or-so years.
If you have any questions about your website, or notice any changes in search rankings, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll move quickly to identify the problem and make your website is Mobilegeddon-compliant (a term we invented).

Industry Trend: Blog Posts on “The Future of Marketing”

If you read any marketing blogs, you have probably run into at least one of these posts. Forbes published one just this week, titled 10 Top Trends Driving the Future of Marketing. No big reveals here—if anything, we’ve found that these types of posts actually create anxiety within small business owners (“User generated content will be BIG? Am I ready for that?!) without necessarily providing any advice on how to proceed.
If you read the Big Marketing Insider, you already know that mobile marketing will be central, that customers prefer marketing that offers real value, and the importance of succeeding at user generated content, all with actionable steps that you can implement right now.
The point of the story is: when it comes to marketing trends, don’t sweat the “big picture” stuff too much, and focus on implementing changes consistently over time. Oh, and read the Big Marketing Insider every week, of course.

Client Spotlight: ShareASpot

ShareASpot, a new Chicago-based website that connects parking spot owners with those in need of parking, presented us with a unique opportunity—to participate in the brand identity of a company from start to finish.
We started off by working with the company on their business plan to identify their target demographics. From there, we designed everything about the brand’s visual identity:  the logo, colors, fonts, and other aspects.
To boost the company’s web traffic, we focused on a strong content marketing foundation. We collaborated to land press releases in several high-impact local news sources, including the Chicago Tribune, and are following these successes with a consistent blogging strategy that will bring in more inbound visitors.
Last but not least, we’re spearheading ShareASpot’s social media content strategy and implementation, to build its brand awareness in the Chicagoland community. So far, the feedback has been phenomenal, and we’re excited to be working with a company that plans to solve a lot of parking woes around Chicagoland!
That’s it for this month, see you in May!
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