The August Newsletter

By: Jake

Summer is progressing nicely, and us Chicagoans can finally enjoy some nice weather (and, as the old joke goes, a ton of construction).

Through this summer, we’ve been involved in developing Community Connected, a new program that helps empower local businesses. The basic premise? We’ve collected a lot of knowledge in our quest to become experts in our marketing field. We want to give some of that knowledge back to the local small businesses community.


Having an ear to the ground is also very helpful to staying on top of business owners’ latest concerns, which in turn makes us more responsive to our clients. (We’re working on an implement-it-before-the-client-even-has-a-chance-to-ask-for-it system.)

So far, the program encompasses webinars, workshops, and our involvement with the BBB to offer support to their accredited businesses. As we build word of mouth for the program, you’ll probably see a sign-up sheet so we can stay in touch with those interested. Put your name down when that happens!

Client Spotlight: LEDCo America – Lighting Solutions. Redefined.


We first did some work with LEDCo America last year, so we were excited when they came back to us for a larger project. LEDCo’s business had been growing at a staggering rate, and they wanted to streamline their website, which includes a ton of content.

To do this, we had to work out LEDCo’s entire information architecture – their website includes products, tutorials, documents, applications, and case studies. All this content (100’s of pages) had to be restructured and developed from the ground up in order to improve SEO, streamline user experience and ease of use, and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and increased Requests-for-Proposal.

Industry Trend:

Local Content Makes the SEO Difference

If you’ve been listening to us and create web content on a regular basis for SEO purposes, we want to remind you that it is always a good idea to create some posts with local subject matter for improved local search listings. As more and more potential customers use mobile devices to look up businesses on the go, local search rankings are having an even more serious impact on businesses’ bottom line.

To make sure you’re getting the most SEO benefit from your local posts, be sure to:

1. Mention not only the city, but also your neighborhood or the neighborhood where your potential customers reside.

2. Link to locally-based websites help search engines confirm the local connection.

3. If you discuss any other establishments, include their street addresses.

That’s it for this month! See you in September!

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