Hello everyone, and welcome to Little Jack’s June newsletter!
Summer is underway, but at Little Jack Marketing, we’re on anything but vacation. Mid-year is usually when we take a look at our internal processes and workflows, seeing what needs to be updated to deliver maximum value to our clients. Right now, we’re doing exactly that, and hope to be able to give all of our clients some new value propositions before fall arrives.
We’re also currently in the planning phase for our next charity event. This one will take place in October and is in partnership with the very cool Cooperation Operation. That’s about all we can tell you right now, but we’re very excited because this event is going to be much different than any of the ones we’ve done before!
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Featured Client: RMC Realty Advisors

We’re excited to be putting the finishing touches on a website for RMC Realty Advisors. The company approached us when it was in need of a new website (and brand identity) that would accurately convey its professionalism and experience, and put its high-end investor clients at ease.
To develop the site, we started by creating all the content from scratch, including a new company story. The website design was chosen for its bold look, meant to convey that RMC Realty Advisors isn’t just another traditional real estate asset management firm. Calls-to-action on every page and landing pages addressed to the company’s largest demographics are there to help ensure maximum visitor conversions.

Industry Trend: Connecting with Customers Post-Purchase

If you’ve been reading the Big Marketing Insider, you know that your company’s work isn’t necessarily done after the customer purchases your product. In fact, a big part of turning one-time customers into repeat-customers happens after they’ve made a purchase.
Apart from ensuring that the customer is having a positive experience with your product, there is a lot of other value to be derived from keeping the lines of communication open. Here are just some of the things you can communicate about with customers, post-purchase:

  • Asking them about their purchasing experience, to gain insight into the effectiveness of your sales process
  • Asking them about their experience with your product, especially in the form of an online review that is then available to other would-be buyers
  • Inquiring about how they might be using your product in a unique way, and asking them to showcase their ingenuity on social media
  • Monitoring any mentions of your brand by customers on blogs or social media, and taking the time to respond to both positive and negative feedback
  • Keeping the conversation, going by using social media to poll your existing customer base about new product development

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to communicate with your customers after they’ve made a purchase, all of which help to solidify their view of your brand as one that truly cares and isn’t just out to make a quick buck. Trust us, customers appreciate that more than you think.
That’s it for this month, see you in July!
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