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As the temperatures heat up, the action at Little Jack has been following suit, with many exciting developments. Last month, we hired a new Project Assistant to help us with our growing client portfolio. Katie will be putting her talents to use in maintaining client relationships and handling our internal communication.
In addition to this, Marcel Krawczyk will be teaching a free workshop for the Better Business Bureau to their Accredited and non-Accredited Businesses on June 25th, helping them with easy and efficient tactics for improving online visibility. Click here to register for the BBB Lunch N’ Learn Webinar!

Client Spotlight:

At Little Jack, we love a challenge. When Mobile Creations, a software design firm, came to us with a desire to streamline their marketing efforts, we gladly accepted.
Our goals for this client were to simplify their message, and help facilitate their sales process to allow them to generate more leads and close more sales during presentations. To do this, we reworked their sales materials to help them convey their technical process in an easy to understand, actionable way that highlighted the exceptional value Mobile Creations offer to their clients.
We also managed their communications on social media to help them by sending a series of strategic messages to influencers in their networks, to help generate more leads. With all this in addition to their new, redesigned website, Mobile Creations will be in peak form to take on the mobile app development market.

Industry Trend:


Avoiding Search Engine Penalties

We’ve encountered a couple of clients as of late who have complained that their search engine rankings aren’t as good as they should be, or have even declined. In every case, the client had (usually unwittingly) broken search engine rules in various ways.
The things you should most definitely never do are:

  • Buying Links – paying external sites to link out to you
  • Keyword Stuffing – repeating keywords excessively to try to trick the search engine
  • Fake Reviews – it’s better to have a few legitimate reviews than a multitude of fakes

Needless to say, if a marketing company suggests any of these tactics to you, you should run the other way. Your business is built on legitimate efforts, and your marketing presence should be too. Besides, you don’t want to risk losing the search engine standing you’ve fought for so hard over questionable tactics.
One company we spoke with that is currently looking into resolving a similar “penalty” issue said that it could take 20 to 40 hours of work to fix, resulting in expenses well into the four figures. So remember, be as prudent about your online marketing activities as you are about the running the rest of your business.
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