The LJM February Newsletter: Taking Communication to New Levels

By: Jake

Hi Everyone, and welcome to Little Jack’s February newsletter!

We’re making big strides in the new year to handle our rapidly growing number of clients (you can read about how that came to be in last month’s newsletter). We’re also taking the time to develop our team and internal process to make sure we remain the ultra-responsive marketing company we’ve always been. To do this, we’ve brought some new staff members on board, and we’re happy to say they’re stepping up to the challenge and helping move Little Jack Marketing forward!

A New Way to Resolve Your Issues

But that’s not all: to help us to manage, communicate, and resolve requests more quickly, we’ve implemented a new ticketing system. The system lives at, but if you simply email us at, a ticket will be automatically created for your issue to ensure its timely resolution.

In our first 30 days with the new system, we’ve addressed over 100 requests for website updates and email marketing campaigns. With this kind of volume, we think our new system was definitely the right step for Little Jack’s next iteration.

As we continue to use the ticketing system, we plan to build out the client portal as a knowledge base—a place our clients can turn to for Frequently Asked Questions to get answers without having to write to us directly. When we notice patterns in the kinds of questions clients are asking, we plan to be proactive with getting answers into the knowledge base in order to better help all the other clients who may have the same question.

Improved Reporting Coming in 2016

In addition to all this, we’ve been refining and building on our website development, brand development, and content creation processes, with a focus on client communication through each step of the way. We’re excited to be working on some interesting new reporting formats, which pull information directly from Google Analytics to give clients a snapshot of how their online presence is faring during each reporting period, and as compared to previous periods (month-over-month, year-over-year).

What does that mean for you? That you’ll receive more and better data about the success of your online marketing efforts, which you’ll then be able to use to make critical decisions on how to move your company’s brand going forward.

That’s it for this month. See you in March!

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