Are you perpetually on-the-go and trying to run a business while also keeping your sanity? Doing this will require hard work, intelligence, grit, and determination. But why not let technology help you out? Here are the top 6 apps every entrepreneur should have to make his or her life easier and more streamlined.



No more email tag and shooting in the dark to schedule meetings. Calendly integrates with Google Calendar so that people can always see what times you have available in your schedule and book a meeting or call time with you without having to email each other back and forth about availability.
Then, assuming you regularly update your Google calendar with your schedule, you are all set. The next time you need to schedule a meeting, send the appropriate Calendly event URL to your attendee and let them pick. You’ll be amazed how much time this will save you in the long run.


Now that your meeting is in your calendar, use WorkLife’s meeting tools to ensure a productive meeting. Some of the basic tools available are meeting templates, including Agendas, Discussion items, and To-Do’s. The tool also helps everyone invited to the meeting to prepare before the meeting, stay on track during the meeting, and define next steps following the meeting by sending out reminders and a meeting recap.
One thing to note is this is a super-lightweight tool without a lot of bells and whistles like filtering. But one great feature that it does have the ability to export all meeting notes to various destinations, such as Google Drive. If you create a folder based on client or activity and export your notes directly to Google Drive, you can always have a record of what was decided in past meetings in a single location.


There is a bit of a free form aspect to how you use Evernote. There are many tutorials regarding best practices and how-to’s on the best way to set up and utilize Evernote. From years of experience, at this point what we’ve found works best for us is to try to limit the number of Notebooks and Stacks we use, and instead leverage Tags.
Another indispensable feature is Evernote’s native mobile app. The ability to quickly and easily take pictures of both documents and handwritten notes (with handwriting recognition) is a time and a life saver.

VPN Unlimited

VPN Logo
Never leave home without protection. With cybercrime on the rise, you can never be too safe while surfing the Internet from a public connection. We came across VPN Unlimited after trying out several VPN apps and doing quite a bit of research.
What we like about VPN Unlimited is that it is reasonably priced and we’ve been very happy with the speed and connectivity. We did hit a little hiccup in the beginning with our email client not being able to send email, but this is actually a very common issue with VPN’s and their increased security settings.


Need to communicate something visual to a client without writing a long email about it? Skitch makes communicating ideas super easy by giving you the ability to quickly take a screenshot and annotate it with quick tools such as Arrows, Boxes, and text. It’s the best way to get something visual across to a client or to your team with as little effort as possible.


We’ve tried many web conferencing tools and we’ve found they all have their pros and cons. For quick and free teleconferencing and screen sharing, it’s hard to beat UberConference.
However, for a more feature-rich app that includes videoconferencing, Zoom has been our go-to choice as of late. A neat feature is the full screen “takeover” when someone shares their screen, which helps ensure everyone in the meeting is paying attention.
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