At Little Jack, we’re always interested in how local small businesses utilize online marketing to compete in the new global marketplace. Forest Park’s Yearbook specializes in selling an eclectic mix of furnishing, antiques, and other interior decor. We got together with Creative Director Jef Anderson to learn about how Yearbook utilizes the power of the Internet to promote its unique brand.

Little Jack: How long have you been in business? How has your company adapted to the online marketing age?

Jef Anderson: We have been in business just over three years. We just launched our third website in three years and we regularly use social media to generate awareness of in-store promotions and new products. We also have an e-newsletter that goes out twice monthly and every week during the holidays. Our website launched its e-commerce section last November.

LJ: What marketing activities do you currently put most emphasis on? Why?

JA: We hold special events in our store and we also do combined events with other stores and different sources. We also promote ourselves through participating in charity events and attending markets on occasion.

LJ: What are your biggest concerns for the future? What is one problem you wish your marketing efforts could address?

JA: Building our e-commerce. We would really like to drive more business to our e-commerce and get more national exposure. We also want to increase store traffic and our design business as well.

LJ: Do you have any other marketing advice for businesses who are trying to build an online presence and establish a local footprint?

JA: To push the brand. Unifying the image of the company/store is important to establish a confident message to the public. While branding efforts are extremely important, reaching your audience(s) is as crucial as driving home the message and call to action.
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