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The Rollercoaster We Call College Pro… I Mean ‘Life’

Guest post by Marcel A Krawczyk originally posted at as “What College Pro Can Do for Me” The year was 2004 and I was a third year computer science major having spent many nights banging my head against the wall coding in C++ for class and scripting in PERL for my software engineer internship. I thought […]

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Steve Jobs: The Man of iGeneration

The news is unavoidable. Steve Jobs; the founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple, the hippy-savvy entrepreneur, the John Lennon of the technology sector, passed away last week at the age of 56. Media is exploding everywhere with the news. The day of his death, October 5th, 2011, almost every single Facebook status update was a […]

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Chicago in September – What’s Going On?

We know you have been dying to put faces and voices to the ambiguous ‘we’ of Little Jack. This month you finally can! We will be attending two local events both of which are supporting good causes. Join us in two evenings (Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24) of mythical and magical proportions brought to you […]

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5 Applications That Keep Us Productive

We’ve listened and now we will let you in on our productivity secrets. Going into the 4th of July weekend some of you may be wondering how to stay productive or just worried about being productive (hopefully the weather is nice where you are at versus our golf ball sized hail in the Chicagoland area…). […]

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