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How to Derail a Project From A Manager’s Perspective Part 3: Failing to Manage Expectations

Over the next few months we’ve been releasing a six part mini-series on how to derail a project, looking at every aspect of the project development process from communication to responsibility. After covering failures of communication and lack of clarity, this month we’re focusing on expectation management, one of the most underestimated and crucial jobs […]

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How to Get More Done for Your Business in 2017

Business owners typically start off each new year with some resolutions on how to get more done with the limited resources they have available at their disposal. How can you accomplish more next year than you did this year? Focus on some fundamentals of productivity, and stick to them. Here are three strategies that work […]

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The Top 6 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Are you perpetually on-the-go and trying to run a business while also keeping your sanity? Doing this will require hard work, intelligence, grit, and determination. But why not let technology help you out? Here are the top 6 apps every entrepreneur should have to make his or her life easier and more streamlined.   Calendly […]

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The 7 Habits of a Highly Productive Little Jack

Getting more done with less is the mantra of every small business. But what are the habits you can use to actually accomplish more? As a project manager, I have anywhere from two to six active development projects at any given time, plus a slew of smaller website bugs and issue requests of varying importance […]

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