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Why Your Holiday Marketing Should Start NOW

Are we in the midst of the holiday season yet? If you were to ask someone in the general population, they’d likely tell you “No, the holidays are still 6 weeks away”. But if you were to poll some marketers, the answer you’re likely to get is “Yes, the holiday season started several weeks ago. […]

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Why Video Will Dominate Marketing in 2017

If you’ve paid attention to marketing trends over the last few years, you’ve likely already heard many singing the praises of video. In the coming year video won’t just continue to dominate the market, but grow into its own form of marketing strategy altogether. So why hasn’t video plateaued and instead continued to flourish? The […]

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The Power of the Email Newsletter

Newsletters are one of the oldest forms of marketing. In this day and age, the email newsletter has been overshadowed by more glamorous marketing strategies such as social media and Search Engine Optimization. But newsletters comprise an essential part of a content marketing strategy, for these reasons: They’re a form out outbound content marketing, and […]

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3 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

You have a small business website. Well done. But what’s next? How do you drive traffic to that site, improve your search rankings, and generally get more customers? Unfortunately, your website alone can’t do it all—it’s there if people are looking specifically for your company, but it won’t directly help your company gain more customers […]

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3 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Some companies think that once they have a website, they’re set. However, that’s never truly the case. If you take our advice and consider your website “your digital storefront,” it becomes clearer that your website will need regular updates, and eventually, like any brick-and-mortar storefront, a complete overhaul. How can you tell that the time […]

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4 Things to Know About How Social Media Affects Your Website’s SEO

Quick: an ultra-prominent social media personality (think: Oprah-popular) links to your website. Does that improve your website’s search rankings on Google? It has to, right? The answer may surprise you. Various marketing groups have done studies concluding that links which appeared more frequently on social media, or links which were used by prominent users on […]

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