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The Best Oscars Commercials: The Little Jack List

In the past few years, the Oscars have become the do-not-miss award show in a season full of award shows. This has caused marketers to pick up their game and debut ads that are just as creative as the ones shown during the Super Bowl.   This year’s Oscars had no shortage of good commercials […]

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Battle of the Super Bowl Ads: Colbert vs. Schwarzenegger

While this year’s Super Bowl might have left something to be desired in terms of athletic competitiveness (second widest winning margin of all time), it did have a fair share of interesting commercials. Some were successful, while others not so much, which got us thinking. What makes a commercial successful?   A particular favorite at the […]

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The Evolution of Holiday Marketing

Any American consumer has likely picked up on the fact that over the last few years, holiday marketing has escalated at an increasingly frantic pace. As businesses try to squeeze maximum revenue in the slowing economy, their marketing departments work overtime to reach customers at a time when the latter are particularly likely to spend […]

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Marketing Lessons from Broccoli-Land

How you do market the unmarketable? A team of NY executives had to figure just that out when they were presented with a challenge: make broccoli appealing to the public.   The first thing we should mention is that this is indeed a fake campaign, brought to the ad agency by an author (rightly) concerned […]

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Encouraging Action: The Wrap Up

We’ve now been through the ringer on the topic of boosting customer engagement. Last week’s infographic summarized our takeaways, and we’d like to wrap things up by going back to our cornerstones of value and clarity. You can talk about the most complicated analytics, but it really does come down to these two essentials, and […]

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Streamlined Web Design: Making It Easy to Take Action

We talked about overchoice – the strange phenomenon in which more options result in less action – in this month’s introductory post. Because this concept is absolutely crucial when trying to get customers to take action, we wanted to devote more time to the topic of designing your website with actionability in mind. Thinking about […]

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