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Creating Marketing Funnels That Align with The Buyer’s Journey

When you think about marketing on a very basic level, you might think your only focus should be incentivizing the customer to make a purchase. However, the buyer’s journey is often more complicated than that, which means a direct call to action alone doesn’t always work. Often you have to have multiple touch points with […]

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The Anatomy of a Landing Page

You’ve executed the first part of your campaign perfectly. Your social media posts have generated engagement, and people are clicking through to see your promotion. Where do they land from here? Your perfectly set up landing page, of course!   Landing pages have been dominating the landscape for these kinds of purposes, because they allow […]

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5 Steps to More Successful Email Campaigns

Did you know that 281 billion emails are sent out every single day? This staggering number may lead you to wonder how to put together an email marketing campaign that has a chance of standing out. Our years of experience have taught us that engaging email campaigns require some forethought, rather than a shoot-from-the-hip approach. […]

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The Art of Writing Effective Calls to Action

It can be really difficult to get people to do things. That’s basically why the entire industry of marketing and advertising exists. With any successful marketing campaign, you have to find a way to motivate your audience to take action. That’s where your call to action (or CTA) comes into play. What exactly is a […]

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