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Keep your customers interested with content they actually care about. 

The internet is a noisy place and peope have short attention spans. Use a simple strategy to create focused, on-brand content that helps keep your audience around. With the right plan of action you'll save time and build relationships with customers for life.

The first step to more engaging content is having a plan. Download our free content calendar template and get started today.

Here are the essential steps for content planning you'll find in our template.


Take down notes for your entire year.

Before you start thinking about each item you want to write and share, organize your major milestones for the year. A better understanding of what's going on in your industry and at your business, will give you a better sense of what to write about. Keep it loose, and consult your team for notes for each month. 


Plan your content for easier writing.

Once you have your milestones for the year in place, start building content around what's going on. This may include blog posts, emails, or even longer guides or white papers. Create your ideal weekly and monthly schedule in the spreadsheet then start filling it in with ideas.


Plan and write your social media in advance.

Social media is time conusming, but engaging regularly doesn't have to take up your whole week. Planing and writing some updates in advance can keep you posting when your days are slammed. Leverage your annual and editorial calendar to write posts that align with other pieces of content to stay timely.

Start Your Planning Now

Follow these basic content planning steps using our simple content calendar template.

Hi, we're Little Jack! We created this template, and we use it ourselves!

Meet Marcel and Justine, part of the team behind Little Jack Marketing.

If we're being honest, we're giving some of our secrets away here. The template you'll be downloading is just a fancy version of what we use everyday. Of course, there's no secrets to putting together a calendar, but sometimes just getting a formatted template in your hands can help you do the work.

Start planning your content now with our free content calendar template!