2014 was The Year of the Rebrand. 2015 was The Year of Digital Media and Your Company Story. Now that we’ve built a foundation we can work from, first by helping you adjust your brand for the digital environment and then by covering the fundamentals of telling your company’s story online, it’s time to delve deeper into how successful companies make the most out of the content they create.
That’s why we’re dubbing 2016 The Year of Reimagining Your Content.
If you’re already creating marketing content on a regular basis but haven’t been thrilled with your level of success, then this is the year to pay attention. We will be discussing how to create better content, get that content in front of more eyeballs, and boost the growth of your audience base. And, because marketing content isn’t an end in itself, we will also be covering strategies to turn that great content into actual sales.
Reimagining your content involves a variety of aspects. Over the next year, we will be teaching you how to:

  • Design your posts to stand out from the competition by planning ahead and analyzing the interests of your potential readers
  • Use writing tools and techniques to enchant and delight your readers, turning them into loyal followers
  • Get more out of each piece of content you create, by successfully adapting it to a variety of publication channels
  • Use cross-posting to generate maximum impact across a wide net of channels
  • Increase the ROI of your online content by using calls-to-action, landing pages, and other tools that increase conversions
  • Delve into the analytics of your website to learn which posts have the biggest impact on your audience (and on your bottom line), and using that information to create even more great content

We will be discussing all these in the coming months, and we certainly hope you’ll be coming along for the ride. Our aim will be to address every step of the content creation process, from topic idea generation to performance analysis of old posts.
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Happy holidays, everyone, and we’ll see you next year!
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