The year is now 2015. That’s right, we’ve officially reached the “future” of Back to the Future II. If you kept up with us in 2014, you learned about the latest digital marketing developments and how to stay on top of them to remain competitive in the online environment. Without skipping a beat, we want to tackle the year ahead, and outline some of the online marketing trends we expect to see in 2015.

SEO will get harder

First there was the Panda. Then there was the Penguin. What new search engine algorithm will Google unleash upon the world this year? Nobody knows for sure (word on the street is, using guest posts to increase SEO will no longer be a valid tactic), so the best way to protect yourself is to stop obsessing about keywords and various “trick” SEO strategies and focus on creating the most compelling, readable content you can. If you do this, the online visitors will come, and Google will have to take notice.

Mobile optimization will become even more important

We focused on mobile optimization in 2014, and it should tell you something that it once again made our list. If you haven’t noticed the trend, consumers are spending more and more time glued to their mobile electronic devices every year. 2015 will be no different, and having a page that adequately represents your company on various mobile screens will be crucial for getting noticed this year.

You’ll Need to Step Up Your Social Media Game

In 2014, the amount of content shared via social media platforms exploded. Between interesting listicles and the embedded ads, the bar has been set higher for retaining your follower base on social media. Quality content curation can come to the rescue, but will require more effort than just using social media for sharing random thoughts.

Fine-tuning website conversions will be key

As social media advertising proved its worth in 2014, its costs went up as well. The fact that you have to pay more to get people to your site means that every lead is worth your best shot at conversion. 2015 will be the year to take a close look at your website architecture and make sure you’re following business funnel best practices to keep conversion rates high.

Custom apps for small business will become attainable

Finally, 2015 will be the year when small and mid-sized businesses will finally realize the revenue potential of custom apps. Until now, these have been the domain of big business and tech companies, but a healthy supply of developers in the marketplace has caused the cost curve to shift and made it possible for nearly every small business to build a custom app for interacting with its customers in a new way.
Looking ahead at 2015, we see two things: some challenges and a lot of potential. The amount of content posted online every day is always increasing, which means more competition for the customer’s attention. At the same time, for those who manage to stay on top of industry trends and tell their digital story effectively, this year will bring more opportunities than ever.
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