From practice, experience, and falling victim to Facebook’s constant changes we have learned the perfect profile picture dimensions and size. If you haven’t noticed Facebook makes some fun, and some not so fun, changes and updates (e.g. smart lists, close friends and acquaintances lists, subscribe button, suggested photo tagging, a surprise newsfeed layout change and timeline). So, to save you time and the hassle of deciphering Facebook’s help section we are going to share with you through a glorious Fist Pump Friday the current profile picture dimensions.
Facebook’s help section states that a profile picture must be a minimum of 180px wide, but what it does not state is not only the minimum 180px wide but that also is the current maximum width. Any image or profile picture larger than 180px is shrunk to fit. Keeping with Facebook’s previous height requirement the maximum height is 3 times 180px or 540px. If your profile picture looks more blurry than your design check Facebook’s help or follow our blog as the profile picture dimensions appear to change often.

A great feature we do love about Facebook’s profile picture is the capability to choose your own thumbnail for the image to be displayed on search results. NOTE – Don’t let Facebook pick the thumbnail image for you otherwise you may end up with a picture of your elbow or with part of your logo missing. Keep the content you would like used as your thumbnail within a 160px by 160px area. This will ensure the content such as your logo or your face that you want displayed during a Facebook search result is selectable when you click on “Edit Thumbnail” from your profile picture page. With the attention social media is getting, having a misaligned profile picture does not look very professional.
The red boxes represent a 160px by 160px area

If would like some help getting your Facebook profile picture and image looking just right or would like advice on how to get the most out of your social media efforts feel free tocontact Marcel from Little Jack. We’re always down to talk.
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