First came a rumor…next, a slow buzz developed…. and finally official invites to a select few confirmed Google’s newest attempt at social networking: meet Google+. The “Invite-only” launch has quickly become “invite-all” as some people begged for, and other’s offered up the coveted invites to join the Google+ party in recent weeks. This must be some party because 20 million of us have already RSVP’ed with a big, fat YES.
Team Little Jack has already accepted the invite for Google+. However, only a few weeks in and we’ve already begun questioning the invite-only party and even wondered where the hell the party is at?! Is it too late to politely decline?
Google has assumed the role of the annoying, yet persistent drunk friend who not only badgered you into attending the party but also reminded you how special you should feel that you even got an invite to attend. This is the same friend who keeps slapping you on the shoulder all night and nudging you in the ribs as he repeats, “Isn’t this like the best party ever braaaaa?”
“We are seeing over 1 billion items shared and received in a single day” says Google CEO Larry Page.
Thinking back to the most memorable parties we’ve ever attended no one had to constantly remind us of the party’s “coolness” and “success” before, during AND after it’s occurrence.
So where are we at with Google+?
Are we still stuck in the “before” phase and the party has yet to get going? Does Page have something up his sleeve he’s waiting to reveal with Google+?
Or has the party started and we are in the midst of it all? Do we accept and embrace Google+ and said “party” for what it can (and cannot) do? Easy on the eyes, vaguely familiar (coughcoughcough), surprisingly simple, and *kinda fun* ?…(but only after a few beers, lots of “circle” making and a group “huddle” )
On the other hand, was the party over before it began? Maybe the only novelty to Google+ was the excessive ballyhoo generated around obtaining the coveted invite?
You be the judge. All I know is that a “circle” is no longer just a geometrical shape. It’s a grown up version of excluding people as we did when we were kids playing dodge ball in gym class.
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