When Google launched it’s new social networking phenomenon Google+ we were pretty excited at first. You might remember, too. We got all dressed up waiting for the invitation, popped the bubbly and brought out the appetizers. And we waited. This was like New Years Eve times a google! But we waited for too long in dull room. The party was a bust and we left drunk and bored. So what gives, Google+? Where are you now?
Though Google+’s attempt to usurp the limelight from social media champion Facebook did not succeed, maybe there’s something else to this guy. All social media users are aware differences in profile details and structures between these two competing networks and perhaps it is the medium that makes certain kinds of relationships possible. With facebook, maintaining personal relationships are easy with photos, tagging, the chance to comment on every single post posted. But now with Google+’s newly added feature, we may be seeing a more appropriate connection of people to people with this network. Google+ is finally unveiling their Businesses and Brands Page.
The idea behind this kind of page is to create a more conducive template for businesses to connect and socialize, rather than establishing a person-person relationship. Hmm Google+, how do we know you won’t bail on us again? You have no idea how long it took to remove those cake stains from our tux. Yes, the wounds are deep, but maybe G+’s new effort to connect businesses may redeem their old flops. Of course with any new network there are kinks that need to be worked out, and so far it seems like mixed reviews from users.
Social Media organizers like Mashable are making the transition and start-up very simple by offering step-by-step instructions to setting up one of these Brand pages for your small business.
Though it seems like a strong idea, it’s still an infant, goo-googling all over itself. Once it grows a little more, it will be easier to assess the maturity, or the efficiency of the network. We want you to work, Google+! The people are eager to drive all over the place, they just need a good car to take them where they want to go.
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