Why All Marketers Should Be Thankful in 2016


In 2016, marketers have a lot to be thankful for. Technology is changing our occupation rapidly, occasionally making it hard to stay on top of the latest developments, but also revolutionizing marketing and opening up the opportunity to be more impactful.

Think back to the days when all marketing happened on TV, in magazines, or via direct mail. Measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns required an audience poll, or waiting around for several months to see if there’s a corresponding increase in revenue.

Are marketers at a net-gain? On one hand, the world is more connected and competitive than ever before. On the other, marketers are better equipped to deal with these challenges. We would say that on, on average, marketers are better off now than ever before.

Here are three things all modern marketers should be thankful for:

1. The Internet is the great equalizer. In the days of traditional media, those with the funds to afford TV spots and magazine ads got advertising, while small businesses had to use alternative means. Some of this inequality still exists (larger brands have more money to spend on marketing), but it’s easier than ever for a small business with a great marketing idea to break through and reach a massive audience on the strength of its message alone.

2. It’s easier to measure success and to fine-tune your strategy. How many small and mid-sized businesses actually get to hold a focus group to analyze their next marketing campaign? However, online marketing has made it possible to analyze your marketing performance in a variety of other ways, and then keep tweaking until you get the results you’re looking for.

3. There are more resources available to you than ever before. While the online marketing landscape is indeed changing every month (Virtual Reality marketing, anyone?), modern marketers also have more powerful resources and learning opportunities than ever before. The amount of online tutorials, quality blogs (here at the Big Marketing Insider we aim to do our part as well), and web apps are absolutely staggering, and they’re keeping us marketers sharper than ever before.

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