Who would have thought social media could actually do something besides show how much you love to drink and how desperately you need attention from all your virtual friends?! Whoa, that came off a bit harsh. What we mean to say is social media is now becoming the lifeblood of entertainment marketing! This past Labor Day weekend’s North Coast Music Festival was the second annual in Chicago’s Union Park. Last year’s inaugural show made headlines when prime-time tweeter InteractiveAmy – NCM sponsor and music lover – tweeted the fest into the limelight.
It was her press outreach that primarily fueled a lot of success for the festival last year and gained some much-appreciated publicity from sponsors and fans alike.
Of course it’s no big news that twitter and facebook are now the fastest, most accessible means of networking friends and relatives, but now tweets and posts are beginning to ignite the same kind of rapid publicity throughout the business and entertainment sector.
For any kind of product, project, or public event, marketing is key. Sufficient advertising before the event is often not enough. John V. Willshire explains in his article, the importance of Verb, Reverb, and Amplifying; a marketing strategy that speaks volumes for any given gig. Like this NCM fest, InteractiveAmy was able to solve the dilemma of strategic marketing publicity without even busting out her calculator (or maybe she did, whatever, you get the idea).
This marketing formula might be the next big thing; the general idea here is you: 1) find an event or product. Check. 2) You tweet about it. Check. 3) And then you use blog posts, pictures, videos, and the endless flow of social media to tell stories and hype the event for the following event. This last step, in effect, becomes the actual advertising ploy. It’s basically telling your friends they missed Lupe Fiasco, Pretty Lights, and Umphree’s McGee at last year’s show, so they’ll be clawing at the box office like dope-starved fiends to make it this year. Sounds like work just turned fun, right? Check. This is exactly what InteractiveAmy did. Check out her interview with ChicagoNow, detailing her response.
So, if you’ve been following Willshire’s equation, the “keep doing amazing things” variable, ro, will be “amplified” (duh) each following year. Maybe that’s how this year North Coast Music festival managed to land stellar artists like Common, FatBoySlim, and STS9, just to name a few from almost 40 different artists. It’s from all the hype, man! Keep it up tweeters, next year who knows how crazy-huge-wild all this summer-music-love is gonna get.
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