We almost made it an entire season without seeing more than one episode of the Bachelorette. Unfortunately, Monday night brought an end not only to the season of Bachelorette but also to our black out streak.
Instead of ranting and raving of our clairvoyant abilities of knowing that JP was going to win from watching the first episode we thought we’d make this a significantly more educational post while keeping to our traditional Fist Pump Friday witty ways.
We assume most of you like us would think that it would be easy to promote and engage a market on social media based around a hit TV show such as the Bachelorette. Take a closer look and you’ll realize that a story line… I’m sorry a reality TV show… drawing people in based on the uncertainty of who is going to find true text book style only-conceivable-by-Shakespeare type love has some major public relation restrictions. Who (without super human foresight abilities) would actually want to know JP would be the winner from first episode? That secret could not slip to the public for the show to keeps it’s intrigue and draw.
So how does the Bachelorette leverage social media when the majority of the cast cannot interact with the public?
The King of the Show
Chris Harrison, my friends, yes, the host of every single Bachelor show for the past decade. He (out of the many sneaky tactics the Bachelorette has created to keep their audience engaged in this secretive love story) can be found on the social media network Twitter and through blog posts on www.ew.com. Harrison tweets about each episode to his followers whether it is to spread the word on special interviews with ex-cast members or to take the time to respond to fan’s questions (what a gentleman). Let’s face it, Twitter has evolved into a worldwide ongoing conversation. And as average Joe’s who are not on the celebrity status, the fans can find it super cool to chat with a person they see on TV. His weekly blog, after each Bachelorette episode is aired, shows his own insight on the results, clarifies what the viewers are concerned about and he even plays a part in creating suspicion and buzz. I mean, he IS the host of the show and can see the chemistry between each contestant with Ashley, the Bachelorette, so blogging about his own perspective keeps the chatter rolling.
Keep it Rollin’…
The main goal of social media is to continuously have the viewers and followers engaged. That week-long wait for the next Bachelorette episode can be torturous for the viewer (of course it wasn’t for us…) by only leaving them a preview of the next episode to hold onto. To keep that conversation going, there are even websites that can collect all things “Bachelorette” across the nation, across the WORLD by simple hashtags (#thisisoursuperawesomehashtag). For example, www.whotalking.com allows anybody to type in a word, and view the long, ongoing list of tweets and statuses concerning a particular topic. Go ahead and check out the site yourself and type in “Bachelorette”. The engaging fans help continue the storyline of this secret love story.
I choose you!
The team behind Bachelorette’s social media outlet keep it smart and fun. They’ve even created a “Fantasy team” game. Awesome right? And it fits the audience (majority are women) quite perfectly we may add. Men may have their football fantasy draft, but us ladies can have our fantasy team of bachelors (begin the daydreaming-drooling sequence now). With it’s pick and choose your teams, the viewer can try to foresee the outcome of the Bachelorette season and challenge his or her friends on their picks. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take the role of being a psychic and thinking you know who Ashley was meant to be with and then rubbing it in other fan’s faces when your fantasy team wasn’t eliminated? This is how they made this reality TV show all fun and games. When it comes to love stories (no matter how sappy they can get), finding the ‘right one’ and having the strongest inkling as to who it may be causes a great load of buzz. And with this particular love story being broadcasted on air and oh so public, the opinions and perspectives of every fan only contributes to that “She’s going to choose him!” “No way! She’ll choose the other guy!” argument, which is exactly what this show wants. The more rumors and talks, the more popular it’ll become.
A Photo says a million words…
In this case, a photo can cause a million comments to be posted. The photo albums found on the Bachelorette’s Facebook page aren’t your typical dating game show photos. Answer this, what makes people talk? DRAMA. So keeping the drama within blog posts, statuses, and in this case, photographs, can keep the conversation going. What do you read into when you see a photo album titled, “Diary of the Departed?” Dramatic right? A collection of ex-contestants seems to be much more appealing than a collection simply stated as “The Contestants.” In today’s society, we are a group of people who gossip, are curious about things, like to rattle things up to keep a topic hot. I’ve already shifted through the photographs in this one album, and there are a TON, a TON of comments made by viewers sharing their opinions on what they thought about this character/contestant. Over in this world, judgmental remarks are welcomed and become the foundation of talking.
Stick on me
Another unique way that the Bachelorette social media team has kept up with the game of networking, is sticker bombing the internet through getglue.com. The purpose of this is similar to “checking in” at a media site such as foursquare but solely for entertainment purposes like films, music and television shows. Showing your dedication to watching every episode of the Bachelorette earns you stickers that relate to that particular episode. The bigger sticker collection you have, the greater chance of getting discounts on show related items such as a dvd set. It has become a great way of not only promoting the show even more, but giving their viewers a prize for their dedication.
The strategies The Bachelorette social media team have come up with are so simple, yet so slick. Their creative sneaky ways of broadening such intrigue and buzz for the show’s next episode deserve a round of applause. Thank you this past season of The Bachelorette for allowing us to not only witness another happy ending, but for keeping us viewers in the loop. Now keep bringing us more news on the newly engaged couple! (fine, we’re hooked) ASHLEY + JP 4EVER <3
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