Given recent studies we have about 20 more words to type before we lose your attention. Here is a big fist pump to infographics!
The basics of an infographic is to take data, information or knowledge and display it in an a graphical format that is easy for our brains to read, interpret and retain. Sometimes the basics are complex and normally take time and focus to understand. Infographics help by presenting the data, information or knowledge in such away that you (as the reader) can understand quickly and clearly. And if the designer of the infographic did his job correctly you’re going to share the wicked cool infographic with your friends.
Here are 10 of infographics we have shared with our friends.
1) Coffee Drinks Illustrated

2) Hand Drawn Corporate Organizational Chart

3) Flickr User Model, v0.3

4) The Magic Bean Shop VS The Fries That Bind Us

5) Visualizing The US/China Trade Relationship

6) Student Budget

7) Periodic Table of Typefaces

8) Burning Fuel – The Average Car VS The Average Human

9) Distracted By Driving

10) Bye Bye Space Shuttle

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