One of the keys to running a successful social media account, outside of engaging with users, is to be posting consistent, relevant and interesting content your audience will eat up. Though when you start posting multiple times a day, sometimes after a while it may feel like what you’re posting is getting a little stale.
Luckily when you think you’re running out of ideas, it could just be that you haven’t worked enough variety into your schedule. Below are 25 quick and easy ideas for what to post to social media.

1. Behind The Scenes Photos or Videos

A simple and easy way to add personality to your brand is by showing what’s going on in the office. Is there a birthday? A group lunch outing? A meeting on the next big project? Snap a picture or video and share it! It can even be something silly.

2. Introduce your staff.

Another great way to add a personal face to the brand. Showcase your employees with a fun mini bio and photo. Or better yet, link to their bio on your website.

3. Throw it back on Thursday. #tbt

Throwback Thursday isn’t just for your personal accounts. Use the hashtags #tbt and #throwbackthursday to share a company throwback. Consider old team photos, brochures, branding or even just a fun historical fact about your company.

4. Engage your audience with a poll

Both Facebook and Twitter have easy built in functionality to run a poll. Not only is this a simple way to engage your audience, it could help you collect some valuable info. Ask a more serious question regarding your industry, or even just a fun Friday poll if your brand has a more relaxed tone.

5. Retweet or Reshare

No one says you have to write every post yourself. Retweet or resharing from a follower or industry influencer helps with engagement and shows you’re involved.

6. Quote a Tweet

Take the share a step further and add your own insights to someone else’s industry tweet.

7. Infographics

Images pull a lot of attention on social media, use them to share industry statistics, tips and more!

8. Weekly Roundup

Round ups are great for producing quick digestible content for users, while opening up opportunities to engage with those in the roundup. Some ideas include news links, recommendations, favorite articles and more. Consider using the #followfriday hashtags to shout out to your favorite accounts.

9. Repurpose Old Content

Just because you wrote that blog post or white paper 6 months ago, doesn’t mean it isn’t still relevant. Mine your old content to get the most out of work you’ve already created.

10. Client Testimonials

While you don’t want to only post about yourself, a good way to do it is by sharing a nice compliment from a client. Bonus points if you use an online tool like Fotor or Canva to make the quote look branded and pretty.

11. A Good Quote

Who says the quote has to be about you? Share something inspiring, humorous or educational with your industry. For example, is someone asking a question on an industry hashtag you can answer? Quote and reply!

12. Industry Stats

Take note of newsworthy or industry stats from your industry and share them with your audience (be sure to tag the source!).

13. Recognize Regular Holidays and Celebrate The Fun Hashtag Ones

Share timely posts and content related to upcoming holidays. Also keep an eye out for trending hashtags for fun national holidays like National Siblings Day, National Donut Day, etc… and give it a company spin.

14. Promote Your Other Accounts

Do you have a great, engaged audience on one outlet but crickets on the other? Periodically remind your followers of where else they can find you.

15. Hop on Industry Event Hashtags

Just about every industry has conferences, tradeshows and events. Search for those trending hashtags and share what’s going on through retweets or simply adding your insights.

16. Local Happenings

If your company is located in a specific city, share what’s going on in your neighborhood or talk about how your company is involved locally. Think news, events and more that may be of interest to your audience. Just be sure to find a way to keep on brand.

17. Share a Recommendation

Read a great book on a popular industry topic? Find a podcast your audience will love? Share it and give it the stamp of approval from your company.

18. Poll Your Employees/Co-workers for Ideas

Whether you’re the marketing manager, or the admin who’s taken this on you don’t need to go at it alone. Talk to your co-workers to get a sense of what’s happening in the industry, get their recommendations and ideas.

19. Promote Industry Education & Events

Keep an eye out for seminars, classes and conferences of interest to your audience and post links to sign up.

20. Look for Industry Hashtag Chats & Engage

Many industry influencers often host weekly or monthly Twitter chats using a specific hashtag. Do some research and find one to jump in on. It’s usually a simple Q & A conversation and gives your brand opportunities to be seen.
Bonus: Even if you miss the chat, find the good blurbs and retweet them!

21. Popular Daily Hashtags

Not every hashtag will be right for your brand, but check out the trending section of Twitter to look for an opportunity to post some relevant content.

22. Answer an FAQ

Show off some of your knowledge by giving the answer to a frequently asked question in your industry. A great place to get this content is by talking to your team. Ask them to keep a log of the questions they always get.

23. Ask a Relevant Question

When you’re not answering, ask a relevant and engaging question. Ask for your audience’s opinion or thoughts on an industry topic.

24. Share a Cause

While some companies prefer to keep charity and social causes out of the spotlight, if your company proudly supports a cause why not remind your followers and encourage them to donate or volunteer as well.

25. Cross Promote a Partner

If you’re the kind of brand who doesn’t go it alone, give a little love to your partners in business by sharing their content and tagging them. It also doesn’t hurt to encourage them to do the same for a social media win win.
Did these 25 ideas get your wheels turning? Hey, why not bookmark this post and use them next time you’re in a social rut! What else do you like to share when you’re stumped? Let us know in the comments below!
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