By any standard of the imagination, 250 blog posts is a lot of content. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at this every week for 5 years, but then we look back on all the good work we’ve done and all the clients we’ve helped to educate about online marketing, and it’s no wonder the time has flown by. This post offers some thoughts on what we’ve learned.
Maintaining a weekly blog is hard. Week in, week out, whether you’re swamped with work or trying to take that much-needed vacation, you’ll have to think about how to make the deadline and put something worthwhile on the screen for your readers to see.
What makes it even harder is that the results are not always immediately apparent. It can take months, and even years, to build up a solid inbound marketing channel through which you’re generating consistent organic traffic to your website.
Too many businesses fail to see immediate results and throw the towel in too early, before they have a chance to develop their voice and get better. And trust us, there are some things that you can only learn over the long-haul, by coming back to the drawing board week after week.
Not every blog post you write will be your magnum opus, your War and Peace. You should understand that from the very start, or you’ll be in danger of never publishing a single word. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good. Ultimately, know that if you keep putting in the time, your efforts will pay off and you’ll get better.
If you want to take a trip down memory lane, check out some of our earliest posts, such as Oh my head hurts! Organic Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click advertising?? and I said centered, not centered: 5 steps to successfully designing for clients. If anything, looking over these, we’re amazed at how true we’ve stayed to our original vision.
We knew from the start that we wanted to make our blog a little different from the typical marketing blog. Learning this online marketing stuff is hard, after all, if you’re not a professional marketer and are just trying to run your business successfully. That’s why we wanted to create an irreverent marketing blog that wasn’t afraid to have fun and still offer value to readers, week after week.
And, by the way, just because we’ve reached 250 posts doesn’t mean we think we’ve “made it” or that we’ll treat our blog any differently than those of our clients. We’re going to use this milestone to take a step back, complete a content audit of the Big Marketing Insider, and learn from the data to try to deliver even more value to our readers.
Here’s to another 250 posts, and another 5 years!
Have a suggestion for improving the Big Marketing Insider? We want to hear from you! Drop us a line.
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