It’s not an overstatement to say that MailChimp is the email platform we’re in love with. It’s always been more user friendly, less clunky, better designed, and more in tune with the industry than a lot of its competitors. We’ve even found that for some of our clients, it’s more cost effective.
Before we continue, we swear no one is paying us for this love fest. Unless….MailChimp?


We want to touch on this because MailChimp frequently rolls out new updates that are easily missed if you’re simply managing your account monthly. Here’s a reminder of some features you may not be taking advantage of and recent updates you may have missed.

1. Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you’ve ever run a Facebook campaign, you may have run into the labyrinth that is the business manager side of Facebook. We were pretty happy when we learned we could run our simplest ads through MailChimp instead.
Just this year MailChimp introduced Facebook ad integration so you can create and run ads directly through your MailChimp account. This could be a game changer if you’d prefer to keep both under the same account or are more comfortable in their interface. Plus, MailChimp can target directly to your email list on Facebook. However, in its early stages this tool is best for simple ads (see list below).
A few things to keep in mind if you try it:

  • The tool only allows for building simple call to action campaigns, and lacks some of the more robust audience targeting tools.
  • The targeting to your email list is cool, but will only really work if your contacts are personal emails.
  • You can only set a total budget for the campaign vs. setting a daily budget in Facebook.
  • Because this is a system where you pay MailChimp instead of Facebook directly, budgets are charged in total, so canceling an ad and getting any money not spent back is far more complicated (trust us).

2. Create Custom Campaign URLs

As we’re sure you’re aware, every time you create a campaign, MailChimp generates a browser-friendly version. This link is great to share on social to promote to those not on your list. However, until just 2 months ago that URL was a jumble of numbers and letters.
Since this update, all accounts can customize that campaign URL to some capacity, and paid accounts can even include verified domains in it. This helps create consistency to the URLs you share and gives your users more confidence to click!

3. Automations Are Now in The Campaigns Tab

If you’re already doing automation campaigns you probably caught onto this one. The “Automation” tab with the “Campaigns” tab. We’ll let MailChimp explain why.

4. You Can Do More with Design Now

There’s two features we’ve been really into since they debuted in the options; background images and Google web font integration. The ability to add an image in place of color in your email background can elevate the look of your email and add more personality. Here’s how to do it.
Back in November, typography also got more customizable with the addition of 10 Google Font options including Arvo, Lato, Lora, Merriweather, Merriweather Sans, Noticia Text, Open Sans, Playfair Display, Roboto, and Source Sans Pro. Not only does this open up more stylish options, but expands your ability to further brand your emails.

5. So Many Integrations

This one isn’t anything new, but is worth the reminder. When paired with other programs, your email campaigns can do a lot more. Some integration options include WooCommerce, EventBrite, Zapier, several CRMs and many more! Mailchimp has some great posts on featured integrations every month to get your imagination going.

Don’t forget that you can always teach an old email new tricks! Have you been messing around with MailChimp features? Let us know all about it in the comments.
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