Most of us are practically drowning in the sea of emails that flood our inboxes on a daily basis. But as marketing professionals we’re constantly on the lookout for great looking emails. Whether it’s in our inbox, or seeking them out online we’re constantly saving the most engaging examples to inspire our next campaign.
Today we’re opening the vault, and sharing some of our recent favorite examples with you. Take a look and start getting inspired.

The Clean App Launch – Huntr App

What we love:

Apps are either intuitive, or they aren’t. This email keeps it simple with a one-sentence explanation of what the app does and a screenshot so you can see the interface. Really, what else do you need to decide if you should give an app a shot or not?

Promos with Custom Illustrations – Headspace App

What we love:

Taking the time to design some custom illustrations really makes an email stand out alongside basic text based promos. It also shows that you care about aesthetics and branding, and that you’re willing to dedicate some resources to set your emails apart from the rest.

The Helpful Welcome – NextDoor

What we love:

We’re all for giving new subscribers or customers something to do after signing up, instead of just leaving them hanging on a login or thank you page. We love that this email is a simple format and highlights key areas a new user might want to interact with.

Clever Use of Formatting – Carnival

What we love:

Never underestimate what you can do with a simple email layout and the right graphics. What we love about this email is that it showcases the huge impact of applying a creative idea to make a simple layout extremely engaging.

Impactful Minimalism – Patagonia Action Works

What we love:

We like how clearly the sections of this email are divided up, and the uniform branding. If you’ve gotten other emails from Patagonia, you know they all look that clean even as they switch out different types of sections. Even with the minimal look, their use of colors and bold images feel exciting.

The Useful Gif – Asana

What we love:

What you can’t see here, is that the image is actually a moving gif. While gifs are usually used for entertainment or design purposes in emails, we love that this one serves a real purpose. It shows how simple and easy the program is to use, and aims to teach users a new skill. Plus, the email helps promote engagement with their product.

The Fun Abandoned Cart – Bonobos

What we love:

We’re a sucker for humor in email campaigns, especially in the automated kind that can easily get tiresome. This abandoned cart email finds a fun way to try to poke it’s users to get back to shopping. In our minds this is a lot more fun than a simple “Finish your order.”
Want to send out emails that look this good, but don’t know where to start? We can help you design a set of email templates any marketer would be proud of! Reach out to us to find out more!
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