It’s always absolutely fascinating to watch new technology create a new cultural norm. For instance, the term “binging” had always had negative connotations until a little website called Netflix started enabling people to watch entire seasons of a show all at once. Hence, “binge watching” entered the American lexicon and changed the way we consume television.

This got us thinking. Blog posts follow the traditional serial format (once a week, etc.) of pre-Netflix TV shows instead of this new “consume as a much as you want whenever you want” format. So, is there a way to benefit from this new trend by making your website’s content more binge-worthy? We think so. Check out these 5 tips for doing just that.

1. Write your posts in a series.

TV show episodes are interesting to watch one after another because they have a narrative arc. Try to incorporate some of that within your blog: rather than jumping around from topic to topic in an attempt to provide variety, try to get your posts building toward a larger concept. This will encourage visitors who want to learn more about a topic quickly to go through the entire series. Position links at the top and bottom of the post to show readers where they are in the series and to let them click through to other parts.

2. Point your readers to other relevant articles.

The “Relevant articles” widget is one of the most basic widgets you can find on any blogging platform. The key is to put it in a prominent place, and tag your posts appropriately so that the widget can accurately suggest articles that are useful. That way when a reader is done with a post you’re already pointing them to the next piece of content they’ll want to read.

3. Use cross linking effectively.

Have you ever been down a Wikipedia black hole? If so, you know how addictive it can be to jump from one topic to something related, and on to a third thing, etc., until eventually you have 10 tabs open and you can’t quite remember how you got on this subject in the first place. You can do the same thing with your posts, by linking to other relevant posts you’ve written on. Just make sure that your links are actually useful and not just there for the sake of linking.

4. Leave them wanting more.

Why do we end up binging on shows? Because the writers have a great sense of pacing and by the end of each episode we absolutely can’t stand not knowing what’s going to happen next. Try doing more of this with your blog posts. Instead of the classic summary of your post or call to action, relate what you’ve written above to a different post you have and link out to it. Try to write about it in a way that piques the reader’s interest and makes them feel like if they don’t read that next post they’ll be missing out on valuable information.

5. Identify the Bingers and Improve Their Experience

To really make your blog binge-worthy, you’ll need to identify your target audience and adjust to their habits. For instance, you can use your analytics to segment the 10% of your readers who read the most content on your site. You can check which posts are most popular with them and even explore the typical order they tend to reads the posts in. When you know this, you can work on increasing this type of behavior by writing more posts in the same series and fill gaps in your existing content.

Need help with making your blog the most binge-worthy in your industry? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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