If you have a blog for your small business, you’re already ahead of most of the competition. The truth is, even though they know the value of inbound marketing, most small businesses are too busy to regularly produce quality content, and most company blogs that started with good intentions are simply collecting dust in the Internet.
So, if you find the time to blog regularly for your business, kudos to you. But how can you make sure your posts are fulfilling their purpose?
Here are 4 steps that can help you reimagine your blog posts to make sure they’re having maximum impact on your readership and your brand:

1. Take a step back

When you’re writing a weekly blog, the need to create content on a regular basis can make it feel like you’re on autopilot. To reimagine your blog, you’ll need to start by taking a step back. That’s right, you heard us: skip a week of content writing, hit the reset button, and spend that week thinking about what your blog does well, and where it could use improvements.

2. Look at the numbers

A great blog post can’t be quantified in numbers—it has a certain je ne sais quoi. And yet, when you look at the analytics for all your blog posts taken as a whole, these numbers do reveal something of value.
For one, analytics can tell you how long the average reader is spending on a page; after all, the first and foremost purpose of blog posts are to capture the reader’s attention. But you can also learn how many of your posts ultimately lead visitors to purchase your product or fill out a contact form, and what these posts have in common. You can then use that knowledge to steer your blog into covering the kinds of topics that are proven to grab the reader’s attention.

3. Plan for inspiration

You may be thinking that planning is the opposite of inspiration—how can more planning lead to more inspired blog posts? The thing is, even if you think you’re being creative when you come up with the idea for your weekly post, it’s more likely that you are in fact rushing to fill a deadline and latch onto the first good idea that crosses your mind.
Instead, if you are able to look 3 months ahead and plan accordingly, you can make sure your list of blog topics follow a natural progression and have enough variety to keep readers interested. Once you’ve planned out your posts well in advance and your mind has a framework to work within, you’ll actually have more time to let inspiration strike and approach these posts in a creative way.

4. Try something new

As we know from Mark Twain, good writers tend to write what they know. What that means in practice is that it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of your own expertise and only write on one subject and in one voice. Sometimes, it’s good to try something new, just because.
If you usually write long posts, try a series of short ones, or vise versa. If your posts tend to be more formal, try injecting them with some personality. You never know when you might discover your blog’s new voice, and this is the kind of thing that no amount of analytics or planning can account for.
Use these 4 steps to reimagine your content this year, and you’ll give your blog the best chance to reach a wider readership. For more information, or if you need help figuring out the next phase your blog should take, contact Little Jack Marketing today and we’ll be happy to help!
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