10 Best Facebook Page Tips – There is more to it than creating it??

By: Jake

You may find that setting up your Facebook page is easier than your expected. Within seconds, you can have your business’ Facebook page created however, your Facebook page may not be “complete”. Does your Facebook page serve a purpose? Is it engaging? Does it have the information your community is looking for?

Through trial and error; through celebration and complaining, Facebook and other developers have provided businesses with amazing functionality to engage and develop a community. Following are our 10 Facebook page tips for creating a “complete” Facebook page.

    1. Your page must have a purpose, be beneficial or be entertaining to your community

      Before you go to www.facebook.com/pages and click “+ Create Page” in the upper right hand corner, identify your strategy. You must be able to answer “what is the purpose of your Facebook Page?”. Depending on your industry and market you may find it beneficial to utilize a Facebook page to establish your business as an expert, drive traffic through promotions, answer questions of current customers or any combination of strategies you can think of.


    1. Give your page a unique look

      The best way to give your Facebook page a unique look is by creating and uploading custom photos. Currently you cannot control the order of the five pictures that are displayed at the top of your page but you can get very creative with the profile image as long as it is no larger than 200 px wide by 600 px tall. Here are two examples of businesses utilizing a custom profile picture to drive traffic: Groupfox and Pop O Licious.


    1. Upload your photos, videos and content

      Make your page exciting to visit. People love pictures and videos, and the more you can upload the better. Here, again, are examples of two pages who utilized photo albums to showcase their business. Group Fox and Pop O Licious


    1. Choose your Username for your Facebook Page

      As soon as you have 25 fans who like your page, request a personal URL for your Facebook page. This will be in the form of www.facebook.com/[YOUR COMPANY NAME] and this is beneficial to you for your community to find your Facebook page and link back to your Facebook page.


    1. Utilize Facebook apps

      Although Facebook pages are loaded with features there are amazing developers creating applications for Facebook to assist you in engaging and growing your community. Some of our favorite apps come from North Social (shhh don’t tell anyone).


    1. Drive traffic through Facebook advertising

      You have a Facebook page but you have no fans. You built your page but people don’t just show up. The simplest solution to drive a targeted market to your Facebook page is through the use of Facebook Ads. Facebook advertising allows for multiple images and multiple ad copy per campaign. This is an excellent way to identify which image and copy combination is working best to drive traffic and likes to your Facebook page.


    1. Social media schedulers and managers

      News feeds, status updates and a surplus of information streaming across your screen may be overwhelming. Not only do you have to monitor the information everyone else is producing but you must schedule and keep your content flowing too. A few of the tools we have chosen to use in combination are Twitterfeed, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Ping.fm. Good news is, there are literally hundreds of applications that may fit your specific needs better (We believe that is good news…).


    1. Setup your analytic tools

      From the moment you create your Facebook page, identify the metrics you will be tracking and why they are important to your strategy. Learn and know the analytic features within Facebook and explore some additional analytic options from companies such as SwixHQ.


    1. Be consistent

      Yay! Now you have fans! Deliver what you promised. People who have been so gracious to like your page are expecting whatever it was that you did to drive them to your Facebook page in the first place. You must stay on topic with the purpose of your Facebook page (adapting to the community’s needs) and consistently deliver information. You took time to setup social media tools and create your page, be sure to populate it on a consistent basis with amazing content.


    1. Engage your community

      Unlike other forms of communication Facebook is a 24/7 conversation with your community. Getting your fans to participate on your Facebook page is the core purpose and major challenge of having a Facebook page. Some tips, from us to you, are to run a contest, ask the right kind of questions, and pose a call to action to your community.


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