There’s no denying that video has become a growing part of successful online marketing strategies. There’s no scrolling through Facebook without seeing brands sharing informational and entertaining videos to get their content out there.
If you’ve been wondering how exactly you can start incorporating video into your own marketing strategy, below is a long list of ideas to get you started! The best part? These ideas are all geared towards videos you can shoot yourself with a smartphone or using your computer.

  1. Introduce Your Company
    Mission, values and more can come across even more passionate if you’re the one sharing it directly with your audience on screen.
  1. How-To VideosWhether it’s how to use your products, or industry based knowledge, a quick 2 minute how-to video may better catch the attention of your followers, when compared to just a blog post on its own.
  1. Industry ChatsSetup your phone and start streaming live on your Facebook page to talk on a particular industry topic and take questions from commenters. Live is best if you have a decent amount of active followers, but can make for a great sharable video later. Or, just film it ahead of time and post to share some knowledge.
  1. Tour Your Office or Facility
    Even opening the doors to the most modest office is a great way to share who you are as a brand and give people an inside look at your company.
  1. Showcase Your Team
    This is especially great if you own a service-based business where clients interact with your team a lot. Obviously, not everyone wants to be on camera, but if you have team members on board it can be a fun way to show the human side of your business. Consider doing a quick Q&A with them, or have them share something about themselves.
  1. Showcase Your Products
    This is especially great if you have products that need some explanation or really shine when your sales rep talks about them. Take them on camera and showcase the features.
  1. Event or Conference Coverage
    If you’re involved in industry events find ways to shoot some content while there. This could be anything from clips from the trade show floor, to bits of great presentations. This may be a great place to try out live video to have talks from the event or interviews.
  1. Do a Screencast Tutorial
    Demo your product if it’s digital, or show your audience how to solve a common issue with software or tools used in your industry. You can use a tool like Screencast-o-Matic to film tutorials like this.
  1. Testimonials or Reviews
    Do you have close relationships with your clients, or come face-to-face with them often? Try reaching out to ask them to give a quick or extended video testimonial about their experience working with you. In the past, I worked with a company who did this right in our booth on a trade show floor. Just have them sign a basic release form!
  1. Make an Announcement
    Have big news about your company? Film a short announcement video alongside your press release. This can get the word out quicker, and may even be an incentive for your press to be picked up and distributed.
  1. Enhance Your Blog Posts
    Summarize the main points of your blog post in a quick video with one your team members, or provide further information that can add an engaging aspect to your posts. Plus, when you share your posts on social media there will be a video that catches the eye.
  1. Company Presentations
    Doing internal presentations relevant to your audience? Set up your phone on a tripod and film it, then after the fact share the slides and the video in a post!

Basic Smartphone Shooting Tips

  • Get a small tripod or flexible stand for your phone so you can get stable video. But it’s ok to use your hands too!
  • Really getting into your smartphone videos? There are filming accessories beyond a phone tripod that can enhance your work, like lenses and lights!
  • Don’t discount editing because you don’t have fancy programs, or are shooting on a phone. You can do basic editing on programs like iMovie, or download one of many apps that let you edit with music, text and more, right on your phone.
  • Unless you’re shooting for Instagram stories or Snapchat, try to remember to turn your phone to landscape. The aspect ratio is better for displaying on most platforms.

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