Email marketing campaigns have, on average, one of the highest returns on investment of all online marketing methods. For a well-calibrated and executed campaign, every $1 spent on email marketing can return $38 in ROI. Still, the operative here is “on average,” because some email campaigns do much, much better than others.
How can you design an email campaign for increased ROI and audience engagement? Use these five tips:

  • Craft an open-worthy subject line. Your email won’t do anyone much good if it sits unopened in people’s inboxes. The best subject lines are short, interesting (so the recipient will actually open the email), and not overly “spammy” (take it easy on the superlatives and the exclamation points!). Think about what catches your attention when you are scrolling through headlines. That’s the stuff great subject lines are made of.
  • Choose a good image. Emails are no different than blog posts and social media posts in this respect; those with an eye-catching image will always get more clicks. Also ensure the image is something that ties in with your brand.
  • Create the call-to-action. Come up with a call-to-action for the end of your email that will get people to click over to your website. You want to create a sense of urgency by making it clear why the reader should act now, whether that’s because of a limited-time offer, limited number of products, or another factor.
  • Email the right people. Perhaps the most crucial part of getting a high ROI on an email campaign is knowing who to email in the first place, so that your message will be as relevant as possible to your recipient list. For maximum impact, consider segmenting your list into several smaller relevant demographics and sending a tailored version of the message to each group.
  • Use A/B tests. These split tests will tell you how slight variations of your message are performing with your audience, teaching you about what works so you can continually improve your email campaign efforts. Many email clients will actually make your life easier by having automated A/B testing features your can simply turn on, making the process much more convenient.

If you’ve taken on email campaigns yourself, let us know what you’ve learned along the way in the comments below!
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