Writing quality blog posts take time, so once you have a great one don’t let it collect dust after publishing. There’s tons of great ways to reuse your posts, or promote better to give your content more legs. Here’s just a few ideas to get you going below.

1.Send it out in an email.

Start building an email list and send your content directly to your readers. This builds community and can help drive visitors who are already invested in your brand to your blog.

2.Post more than once to social.

Hopefully when you publish your blog posts, you’re already sharing to your social media accounts. If you’re stopping after one post, you may want to think again. Social media feeds are updated frequently, and on places like Twitter one post may not be enough to get engagement. By posting multiple times over a few months you increase the chances of engagement.
That said, remember not to get spammy. Choose a schedule that won’t overwhelm, and be sure to write custom posts for each share.

3.Gather it into a guide.

Creating a lengthier guide download can be time consuming, but not if you recycle content you already have. Not only does this approach save time, but it helps get more mileage out of multiple posts.

4. Write a roundup post.

Gather your favorite resources, latest posts, favorite videos or events into one post. How does this extend the life of your post? A round up gives you an opportunity to tag sources, and influencers on social media which open up opportunities for engagement and cross sharing.

5. Cross promote on other areas of your site.

Make sure your posts are getting as much visibility as possible within your own site. Be sure to feature posts on other pages where relevant. Doing so can help drive more traffic to your content, while demonstrating knowledge.
Those are just a few ways to get more out of each post you write. What do you do to make all that writing worth it? Let us know in the comments!
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